Bedtime Myths vs Facts

Arguing before bed, exercising late and checking work emails really do affect your sleep – but eating cheese and taking a daytime nap make no difference. Medical professionals are debunking some of the popular myths about sleep. Eating a light snack before bed is also unlikely to affect your quality of sleep.

  • Eating cheese affects sleep – FALSE. It’s commonly believed that eating cheese before bed gives you vivid dreams or even nightmares – but for most people it has no effect at all, and for others it may actually be associated with more pleasant dreams. 
  • Sleeping in on the weekend affects sleep – TRUE. It’s tempting to catch up on lost sleep at the weekends, but this can disrupt your sleep pattern overall.
  • Reading to late affects sleep – FALSE. Reading before bed can help you wind down (ideally on a non-electronic screen).
  • Having an argument before bed affects sleep - TRUE. Increased stress levels can disrupt sleep, so an argument before bed isn’t a great idea.
  • Getting less than eight hours affects sleep – FALSE. Different people require different amounts of sleep. 
  • Napping during the day affects sleep – FALSE. For some, napping during the day is just part of their routine. 
  • Eating too close to bedtime affects sleep - TRUE. Having a small snack before bed is usually fine, however, eating a large meal too close to bed could keep you awake as it may make it uncomfortable to lie down as well as cause indigestion or heartburn.

photo credit: Getty Images