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Johnny Weir Blocked Adam Rippon Ambitions

NBC announcer Johnny Weir totally rail-roaded the ambitions of PyeongChang Olympian Adam Rippon. An inside source said (quote) “Johnny felt upstaged by Adam and threw a fit.”

Backstabbing might become a new Winter Olympics sport.

The colorful figure skater stole hearts and the Olympics primetime show. So NBC jumped at the opportunity to give Adam a microphone. Initial reports said he agreed, but then NBC backtracked. Now, we know it's because Weir pulled strings behind the scene.

On Twitter yesterday, Adam lobbied NBC to give him the guest host slot at Saturday Night Live.

Lots of NBC employees working the Olympics prefer Rippon. One of them said (quote) “Johnny should spend less time on his Hunger Games hair and more time engaging the audience.” (New York Post)

Talk About It:

  • Watch your back, Johnny or Adam might be sitting next to Tara Lipinski at the next Olympics.
  • Johnny and Tara are the NBC hosts of the closing ceremony this weekend.
  • Both guys are flamboyant, but Adam Rippon has the edge because he’s fresh. We’ve watched Johnny’s act for a couple of Olympics.
  • Britney Spears and Reese Witherspoon tweeted their support for Adam. They couldn't resist his kissable lips.
  • Adam wanted to still party in the Village with the other Olympians. Seems like a solid excuse for a 28-year-old who’s never going to win an individual medal.

BACK-STABBER: @JohnnyGWeir reportedly threw a hissy fit when NBC invited @Adaripp a slot in #WinterOlympics broadcast booth - TweetCONGRATS: @JohnnyGWeir and @TaraLipinski will host #WinterOlympics this weekend @NBCOlympics - Tweet

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