Pilot Accused Of Using Plane To Stalk Woman For Four Years

Michael Arnold, 65

Photo: Saratoga Sheriff's Office

A 65-year-old pilot accused of stalking a New York woman for the last four years has been barred from flying or going within 300 feet of his plane.

Cassie Wilusz, 42, told Fox News that Michael Arnold began stalking her four years ago after he sent her a disturbing email.

"It was pictures of him tied up with naked women, like 20 photos, and he was telling me to open my mind," Wilusz said.

She sent him a message on Facebook rejecting his advance and then blocked him.

That's when Arnold started flying his plane over her home in Schuylerville. Sometimes, he would fly so low that her roof would shake, and the windows would rattle.

"I didn't know if he'd fly into our home. I didn't know what he was capable of," she said. "I thought, what if he shoots me."

Wilusz reported Arnold to the local and federal officials numerous times, but that didn't stop him.

"It's a nightmare. He's terrorized my family, and we've been so afraid," she explained. "All these years, he has been winning because nobody would do anything until now."

Arnold has been arrested five times, but that didn't stop his stalking campaign against Wilusz and her family. Even a no-fly order didn't stop him. He managed to evade the order by flying out of airports in Vermont and Maine.

However, the FBI recently got involved and tipped off police in Bennington, Vermont, that he broke the no-fly order. He was taken into custody and is facing multiple charges, including resisting arrest and violating an abuse protection order.

He pleaded not guilty and was released on the condition that he does not fly and stay 300 feet away from his airplane.

Wilusz said she hopes that the ordeal is finally over and Arnold will leave her and her family alone.

"I just want [my daughter] to see justice because she shouldn't have to see in 2023 a man do this to a woman and nobody listen," Wilusz said.

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