WATCH: Escaped Monkey Terrorizes Neighborhood Before Its Captured

Momo the monkey

Photo: Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

Authorities in Indianapolis captured a monkey named Momo, who had been terrorizing a neighborhood since escaping from his owner's home on Wednesday (October 4).

Momo's owner, Wayne Pham, posted about his escape on Facebook and asked people to contact the police if they saw him. Several people commented on the post with photos and videos of Momo roaming the area.

"He greeted me as I pulled into the driveway!" Karri Harbert replied, posting a photo of Momo on top of her car.

Neighbors reported that Momo was harassing residents, digging through their trash cans, and even jumping on cars. The Indianapolis Police Department noted that several people were injured by Momo.

"There are reports of minor injuries from the monkey, but we can't confirm it is from bites," the department wrote on X.

After roughly 14 hours of evading the police and animal control officers, Momo was finally captured on Thursday morning.

"Momo, the monkey has been captured safely," the police department posted on X. "That was more than enough monkey business for us."

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