Dawn Date Anyone?

Instead of dinner or drinks, why not try a “dawn date”? A dawn date is a date that happens in the early morning, rather than the typical late at night. According to dating experts, dawn dating can show your dates a more authentic side of you, especially if you’re more of a get-up-early-and-go-for-a-run person than a late-night-at-the-bar type.

“[Dawn dating] allows you to showcase your authentic, typical day-to-day self right away,” says Amanda Bradford, CEO and founder of the dating app, The League. “It’s also a useful way to assess if you’ll align on similar routines and lifestyles. For example, if you like to start your days exercising, a morning walk is a great dawn date, and it helps you suss out if your date has similar lifestyle habits.”

Some examples of good “dawn dates”:

•      Meet for coffee or breakfast

•      Go for a hike and watch the sunrise

•      Take a workout class

•      Walk the dog

Hit the farmers’ market

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