You need five types of friends in your life

You need five types of friends in your life … Different friends fill different roles in your life. Not everyone is a close friend, and that’s OK. Here are the five types of friends you need.

•      Close friends: You have room for a handful of close friends – the ones who’ve been with you through ups and downs, the ones you can always call and who will always be there for you. 

•      Lifelong friends: These could be close friends, but you’ve known them all your life, and there’s a depth of understanding because of shared experience and background. 

•      Friends of convenience: You find yourself spending a lot of time with a neighbor or someone with a common interest or hobby. 

•      Work friends: We get a lot of support from people in our jobs, who have a better idea of the challenges you face daily. 

•      Same-chapter-of-life friends: They may not be close friends, but people who are going through things like parenthood or divorce speak your language.

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