National Chicken Wing Day

Saturday is National Chicken Wing Day: How do you take your wings? Which sauce? Drummette or flat? According to a survey, BBQ is the favorite sauce, followed by ranch-seasoned and Hot Buffalo. And people prefer drumettes to flats. The survey also found:

•      54% say chicken wings are their favorite casual dining appetizer.

•      73% say it's perfectly appropriate to lick your fingers.

•      79% say they eat every bit of meat off the bones.

•      More people (33% to 29%) prefer boneless to bone-in, but 38% say they like both.

•      55% say wings are better deep-fried than grilled.

•      58% eat the celery that comes on the side.

Because Saturday is National Wing Day, a bunch of chains like Hooters, Buffalo Wild Wings, Wingstop, Zaxby’s, Fatburger and Buffalo's Express will offer free or discounted wings.

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