How much do you really know about Barbie?

The movie may be telling part of Barbie’s story, but Good Housekeeping has some surprising facts about the Mattel model that we had no idea about ...

•      Barbie and Ken broke up for seven years back in 2004.

•      Barbie’s rebound was Blaine Gordon – a surfer from Australia. 

•      Barbie is from Wisconsin. 

•      Barbie has seven siblings, including sister Skipper and twins Todd and Tutti, and a cousin, Francie, from the U.K. 

•      Barbie got a makeover in 1971. 

•      Barbie has had over 250 careers. 

•      There has been a “Barbie for President” doll in every election since 1992. 

•      Barbie has an estimated one billion outfits. 

•      Barbie can now wear flats. 

•      If Barbie’s Dream House were real, it would cost about $16 million.

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