The summer's hottest foods

The summer's hottest foods ... including some very cold ones. You know all about how to find the season's "in" fashion trends, but how about the must-have foodstuffs? PureWow came up with a list to stock your pantry, and your freezer, including:

•      Churro Kit Kats

•      Olipop Strawberry Vanilla

•      Talenti Dark Chocolate Mini Gelato Bars

•      Alouette Grilling Brie Rounds

•      Recess Zero Proof Canned Mocktails

•      Hoop Tea Spiked Iced Tea Pouches

•      XO Caffeinated Marshmallows

•      Nestle Plant-Based Toll House Morsels

•      Banza Chickpea-Flour Bucatini Pasta

•      Old Bay Goldfish

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