Best-sounding foods

Best-sounding foods ... One of the best tasting and smelling foods, is also the best sounding food. Of all the foods that crunch, crackle, snap, or pop, it's the sizzling of bacon that people say is the best food sound, according to a new survey. 63% of people say that sound adds to the enjoyment of food, and 33% say bacon frying in the pan is their favorite food sound. Here's how the rest of the list shapes out: 

1.   The sizzle of bacon in a pan -- 33% 

2.   Slicing of a crusty loaf of bread -- 26% 

3.   Steak sizzling in the pan -- 25% 

4.   Butter being spread on toast -- 17% 

5.   The snapping of a chocolate bar -- 16% 

6.   Chips frying -- 16% 

7.   The first bite into a crisp apple -- 16% 

8.   Popping popcorn -- 13% 

9.   Rustling of a snack or chip packet -- 10% 

10. Stir frying vegetables -- 9%

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