Does what you watch affect your mood?

Does what you watch affect your mood? A new survey found that 51% of respondents said what they watch can change their mood for the rest of the day, and 49% can’t watch movies or shows that deal with heavy or stressful topics unless they’re “in the right mood.” 67% said the best cure for a bad day was watching “comfort” shows or movies.

Overall, 81% said their mood influences what they choose to watch, and that they can feel the emotional impact of what they watch for up to two hours afterwards. Men reported feeling the impact of what they watch longer than women (144 minutes compared to 96 minutes).

For example:

•      40% said they get emotional after watching shows like Greys Anatomy

•      65% said watching Modern Family makes them happy

•      38% said Friends makes them feel nostalgic

•      31% said watching Breaking Bad makes them feel stressed

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