Fashion trends for spring 2023 ...

 It can be hard to keep up with fashion, especially if you’re trying to modify runway looks from the year’s fashion weeks. Women and Home has simplified the upcoming spring season’s favorites so that real people can find practical ways to incorporate the trends into their wardrobe. We’re finding these are easy to work with:

•     Purple hues – From fleece to formal in lilac and lavender or grape and eggplant. 

•     Tassel details – Fringed dresses, tops, and beach cover-ups. 

•     Lace and laser-cuts – Gives a feminine touch to tailored suits or denim. 

•     Sports luxe – Stylish athleisure in bomber jackets and silky sweatshirts. 

•     Floral prints – Be sure to scale to your size and, remember, not all florals are delicate. 

•     Suiting – The oversized blazer is where it’s at. Raid your father, brother or significant other’s closet.

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