ANCESTRY: Did You Find Something Surprising?

People looking for creative gifts for this holiday season might be considering buying a 23AndMe DNA Genetic Testing Kit. The kit allows you to submit a sample of your saliva to the company, which analyzes it and makes connections regarding other people in your family line. 

Sometimes, it can be super interesting to find out about your heritage and about who your extended family members are. But sometimes ... the genetic testing kit unveils some pretty interesting secrets, some good some bad. Here are a few examples of cases where people find out a bit more than they bargained for, according to a Reddit thread about it

•     "My son is my fourth cousin. (We adopted him as an infant from an agency.) Fun to find that we are actually related!"  

•     "My bio-dad left his family and two daughters in Washington and married my mom in Los Angeles 5 weeks later. I found his first marriage certificate but nothing about a divorce. I'm pretty sure he was a bigamist." 

•     "I found out that my dad is not my biological father. .. Turns out my dad is the family friend I grew up calling ‘grandpa.' And he was also my mom’s bariatric surgeon."

"My aunt discovered that her mother cheated on her father and she was a product of that affair, meaning she was actually only half-siblings with her four siblings ... The rub was that my aunt’s husband was married before he married her. The woman he was married to is the daughter of the man involved in the affair. So no one knew this, but my uncle got divorced and then married his ex-wife’s half-sister. I guess he has a type."

"I found a half sister that none of my siblings or mother knew about." 

"I found out about my real father and three half siblings. It ended up being a really good discovery."

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