Your Guide On How To Soft Launch A Relationship

Back in 2012, the ultimate sign of exclusivity was making a relationship “Facebook official.” Today, it’s a soft launch on Instagram. “Bustle” simply describes a soft launch as “a vague reveal that you’re in a relationship.” This could be a side profile of your date sipping on a glass of wine or a snap of you holding in hands in the car — but no faces and certainly no tagging!

The reason for a soft launch has to do with a lot of hesitancy, and rightfully so!

  • How awkward would it be to post someone you consider your boo for things to go downhill after three months leaving you to have to either directly or indirectly address things.
  • According to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in 2019, only 48% of users under 30 reported sharing their relationship status on social media.

If you think you’re ready for a soft launch, here’s how:

  • You don’t need to, but you probably should wait until you’re deep into a serious relationship.
  • Don’t do too many soft launches. It may be fun to post teasers of your relationship but there’s nothing lowkey about four mysterious photos a week.
  • Have a conversation about how much of your relationship you’re willing to share online and when you’re both ready to share it.

Source: Bustle

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