What's Your Earliest Memory?

Misty water-color memories ... of being one year old? Most of us have fond memories of childhood, but how far back do yours go? A lot of us think we can go way, way back -- as far as remembering our very first steps.

According to a recent YouGov survey, most of us say our earliest memories are from being three years old -- but 5% say we remember being one year old, or even younger! 7% of those surveyed say they remember saying their first words. 8% recall taking their first steps.

Those are outliers. But other childhood moments are burned into peoples’ memories, including:

•     38% can remember a special birthday party

•     39% remember a tooth falling out -- and the tooth fairy coming later

•     43% recall a scary visit to a doctor or dentist

•     44% remember their first day of school

•     46% have memories of a special vacation

•     55% remember a childhood pet

What's your earliest childhood memory?

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