THANKSGIVING: Food for Flight

This Thanksgiving, airport security expects to X-ray millions of bags containing turkeys, side dishes, and desserts. Many Thanksgiving dishes should never be in your checked luggage. While other traditional items on the Thanksgiving table can be safely packed in your suitcase. Here's a list of Thanksgiving dinner items that can and cannot be carried onto the plane:

You can carry on:

•     Baked goods

•     Casseroles

•     Fresh fruit and veggies

•     Stuffing, cooked or uncooked, in a bag or box

•     Any kind of meat, frozen, uncooked, cooked

•     Candy

•     Spices

You must check:

•     Syrups

•     Jams, jelly, and preserves

•     Gravy

•     Cranberry sauce

•     Canned fruit or veggies

•     Booze

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