POST-HALLOWEEN: Leftover Candy Ideas

So, it’s November 1st and you find that your kids have scored enough candy to last until next Halloween. Even after they pull out their favorites, there’s a truckload left. Chambana Moms has seven great suggestions for using up those leftover sweets:

1.   Freeze it – Chocolates, hard candies, caramels, jelly beans and candy corn all freeze.

2.   Bake with it – Stir into cookies, brownies and frostings for cake.

3.   Save it for gingerbread houses

4.   Share it – Take goodie bags to grandparents, teachers

5.   Call on “The Switch Witch” – On Halloween night, kids leave their leftover or less desirable candy out for the Switch Witch who takes it and leave them healthier snacks, a toy, game, book or craft.

6.   Create a Thanksgiving countdown calendar.

7.   Take it to a Halloween buy-back program – Check your local dental groups.

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