Affordable Wedding?

It’s still possible to have an affordable wedding … It seems like the cost of weddings has gotten completely out of control. But there are ways you can save some cash and still have the day of your dreams:

•     Shoot your own engagement photos. Enlist a friend, or even just use a tripod and the timer on your phone.

•     Look for a second-hand dress. It will only have been worn once, and with a little tailoring, you can look perfect for around $100.

•     Do your own makeup. You know what you’re doing. Why spend hundreds on a cosmetologist?

•     Check out baking videos on YouTube. It’s not impossible to create your own dream wedding cake.

•     Consider silk flowers. Find an Etsy vendor -- you’ll save a bunch over the real thing.

•     Design your own wedding invitations. Even if you blow through a whole ink cartridge, that’s a lot cheaper than ordering the invites.

•     Scout local bands. If you hear someone you like at a local bar, ask what their wedding rate is -- they might surprise you.

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