RELATIONSHIPS: Love Can Be a Gas ... Literally

We hit a lot of milestones in romantic relationships, from the first kiss to the first "I love you." But there's one biggie that we all come to, even if we don't like to talk about it -- and that's the first time we pass gas in front of a new bae.

It might sound like a bad thing, but a number of experts tell Your Tango that letting one rip in front of a new love can actually bring you closer together.

According to a 2015 survey from Mic, 29% of people wait between two and six months before breaking wind in front of a partner -- which is right around the time when "I love yous" are first exchanged.

Just over 25% of those surveyed said it took six to 12 months, while 22% said they shared a gassy incident just a few weeks after meeting their partners. The rest of the respondents said they would never intentionally let one slip. Good luck with that.

Experts say the first accidental digestive slip is important because it establishes intimacy -- it lets your partner know you're comfortable around them. And you have to be comfortable if you want a relationship to last. And if you feel safe enough around your significant other to let a stinker, then your relationship is clearly strong and built upon acceptance and truth.

Plus, we all know the deed is funny. Everyone loves a fart joke, and, honestly, if you feel an argument coming on, lighting one up is the best way to lighten the mood.

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