PETS: Yes, Your Dog Really IS That Into You!

It’s not hard to tell when a dog likes you -- the licks, the wags and all that! But maybe your dog is a little more shy. If you need some clues about your pup's feelings, consider these pointers from PureWow:

•     They sleep next to you. Canines, even when asleep, protect themselves from potential predators. Sleep is vulnerable! If your dog chooses to sleep with you or next to your bed, this means they trust you and you’re basically a pack member. 

•     They try to "herd" you. Herding breeds care about their charges and don’t want anyone to get lost. At the very least, this means your dog is observant and notices where you or your kids move -- and wants to help protect. 

•     They make eye contact. Dogs will make direct and prolonged eye contact with you if they feel safe around you. The American Kennel Club says all types of dogs lock eyes to figure out what’s going on with us. They’re literally trying to read our minds. 

•     They bring you gifts. Unlike cats, who tend to present family members with small creatures, dogs prefer toys. What’s sweet about this behavior is your dog’s interest in you. They want you to pay attention to them. They want to play with you. Essentially, you’re friends and your dog are texting you to hang out. 

•     They follow you around. If your dog follows you everywhere, then it’s a sign that they trust and love you and that you make them feel safe. If your dog follows you from room to room, snoozing in close proximity to you but not necessarily right on your heels, it’s still a sign they love ya.

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