RELATIONSHIPS: Colors of Romance

Finding your valentines may require reading a person’s aura. Astrologer Lisa Stardust suggests standing 10 feet away and staring intently at your partner’s face. After a minute, let your eyes trace the outline of their face. You’ll see the color of their aura:

Red demonstrates passion in pursuing relationships but can also represent worries. 

Orange shows confidence and excitement and indicates someone who will take the lead. 

Yellow depicts joy, optimism, confidence, and the need for independence. 

Green means that there is transformation and growth needed in the way you partner. 

Blue allows one to be intuitively aligned with another. 

Indigo is the marker of someone with a need for open and honest communication at all times. 

Turquoise represents someone who runs hot-and-cold in their relationships. 

Purple shows that you love unconditionally, particularly when it comes to spiritual love. 

Pink depicts a person who is a giver in relationships and is often taken for granted. 

Magenta depicts a person who makes their own rules in the romance department. 

Silver is an abundant energy belonging to a person with a big heart. 

White shows an open spirit and mind, as well as a pure heart. 

Brown comes from a self-centered person. 

Black shows that someone is in need of healing. (Teen Vogue)

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