Are you Optimistic for 2022?

Are you optimistic about the year ahead? A new YouGov poll found that people who made a New Year’s Resolution were more optimistic about 2022 than those who didn’t. Young adults – those under the age of 30 – were the most likely to make resolutions (40% compared to 25% overall) and were the most positive about the year ahead.

The survey found people were more optimistic about 2022, with 38% saying they expect their life to be better in 2022 than it was in 2021 and just 14% expecting it to be worse.

What were the top resolutions?

1.Living healthier – 23%

2.Personal improvement/happiness – 21%

3.Losing weight – 20%

4.Career or job goals – 16%

5.Financial goals – 13%

6.Improving relationships – 11%

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