FOODIE FUN: 2021 Dining Trends

How did your dining habits change during 2021? Well, if you're anything like most Americans, you chowed down on a mixed bag of comfort food and healthier items.

According to GrubHub, the list of hottest menu items was headed up by the Impossible Cheeseburger, which notched more than four times more orders this year than in 2020. The trendiest entrees included:

1.Impossible cheeseburger (+442%)

2.Shredded pork taco (+310%)

3.Apple pecan chicken salad (+287%)

4.Detroit-style pizza (+263%)

5.Margarita (+240%)

And since nobody can resist dessert, Americans couldn't get enough of:

1.Strawberry shortcake sundae: (+378%)

2.Cookie dough cheesecake (+315%)

3.Chocolate chip pizza (+287%)

4.Cookie dough burrito (+255%)

5.Flan (+244%)

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