Is It The Season of Stress?

Are you ready for the most stressful time of the year!?! … 25% of people in a new survey said the last three months of the year are the most stressful. And this is interesting … 43% said they are more stressed about the holiday season this year than last year. And it seems it’s men that are more likely to be stressed about the holidays than women (73% vs. 66%).

What is causing all this stress?

•Worry about gifts being delivered late/getting lost in the mail -- 48% 

•Safety/health concerns of in-person events and shopping -- 48% 

•Traffic when shopping/traveling -- 43% 

•Weather conditions while shopping/traveling -- 42% 

•Safety/health concerns at family gatherings -- 40% 

•Bigger crowds when shopping in-person -- 39% 

•Staying within budget -- 25% 

•Seeing family/friends for the first time in months -- 23%

How will people handle the stress?

•Shopping online instead of in person -- 49% 

•Shopping early for holiday-related food/items -- 47% 

•Shopping at retailers that offer gift cards or discounts on future purchases -- 46% 

•Shopping for items that are discounted/on sale -- 45% 

•Decorating the house early -- 37% 

•Meditating/relaxing -- 32% 

•Exercising -- 28% 

•Focusing on personal nutrition and well-being (drinking more water, cutting down on sugar/caffeine, etc.) -- 24%

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