HALLOWEEN CANDY: How Much Is Too Much?

Halloween is a day when we all allow ourselves to devour as much candy as we want, but like mom always said ... "Don't eat too much." But how much is too much? And what will happen if we eat too much Halloween candy?

Scientists have figured out exactly how much candy one would have to eat to actually die, based on the amount of sugar being consumed. They found that a 180-pound person would have to eat approximately 262 pieces of fun-sized candy and 1,627 pieces of candy corn to reach a lethal dose of sugar. You can calculate your own lethal dose for fun-sized candy by multiplying your weight by 13.5 and dividing it by 9.3. For candy corn, divide everything by 1.5. Happy Halloween!

HALLOWEEN: By the Numbers

WalletHub broke down the Halloween numbers for this year. Here are the scary stats:

•A projected $10.1 billion will be spent on Halloween this year. 

•$3 billion will be spent on candy. 

•The average person will spend $103 on Halloween.

•65% plan to celebrate Halloween.

•25% are throwing a holiday party.

•46% are decking out in a Halloween costume. 

•79% of parents admit to stealing candy from their kids.

31% of parents think 13 or 14 is old enough to trick-of-treat alone.

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