Do you have an outfit picked out for your post-pandemic debut?

We are all ready to put this pandemic behind us and move forward in a safe manner..

So... have you picked out that outfit?

Seems lots of people have. According to a new survey, 45% of respondents said they’re planning to get decked out for their first big post-pandemic event – with more men than women saying they’re planning to go all out -- 55% vs. 36% respectively. And 15% of those surveyed said they even have an outfit picked out for that day. And, again, men were more likely to say they had a particular outfit in mind. 21% of men said they an outfit picked out compared to 9% of women.

Some other findings:

•41% have started shopping for clothing other than loungewear

•20% have made sure their nice clothes still fit

•20% have gotten dressed up at home “for no reason” (SWNS)

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