PETS: Smart Collar Translates Dog Barks

Somedays I would love to understand what my dogs were saying to me, other days I just wish they would understand what I was saying to them.. hahaha

Ask any dog owner and they’ll tell you that their pup is very good at communicating what he wants and needs -- even if he can’t form the human words to say it. That doesn’t mean that owners wouldn’t love to actually understand their pets and speak and understand their actual language.

South Korean startup company Petpuls claims they can do just that, however. They’ve created a smart collar that uses A.I. voice recognition technology that they claim can identify five emotions in dogs.

According to the company website, the collar uses “a proprietary algorithm in combination with a database of more than 10K bark samples from 50 breeds of dogs in four different sizes” in order to interpret your pup’s emotions with an 80% accuracy rate. (NY Post

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