Utah Man Leaves Car And Skis Through Canyon After Avalanche Closes Roads

A Utah man was returning home from a day of skiing in Park City when an avalanche forced officials to close roads in Provo Canyon, requiring him take a lengthy detour to get around the closed roads. William Perry decided that instead of going out of his way to get home, he would leave his car and ski around the road closures.

Perry told Fox 13 that he had all the gear he needed and figured he could break in some of his new equipment.

“I’ve got an avalanche probe, beacon, a bivvy bag, shovel, an emergency blanket, extra water, headlamp. I got all the gear, so I figured why not?” Perry said.

He followed the Provo River until he ran into workers from the Utah Department of Transportation. They warned him that they planned to blast away some of the debris and told him he had to leave. Since his car was far away, he got a ride with the workers to the mouth of the canyon.

The roads remained closed for about four hours while workers cleared the debris and ensured they were safe.

Perry did not say when he planned to go back to get his car but told the station that he had a good time skiing through the canyon.

“I’m always up for an adventure, deciding to ski out of an avalanche area? Haven’t done that,” Perry joked,

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