Staying Safe From Germs

Hey, have you heard? Germs are everywhere! By now, hopefully you know the importance of properly and frequently washing your hands, and have likely been told ad nauseam not to touch your face.

Next time you go in to shake an acquaintance's hand, here are a few things that you can do instead:

  • Literally just say hello. Greetings don't have to involve physical contact.
  • Wave at the person. Who decided waving is only OK when there's significant distance in between people? 
  • Make a peace sign.If all else fails, throw a peace sign in the air. It's not very exciting, but it'll get your message across in a pinch.
  • Tip your hat. This one requires wearing a hat at all times so that if you ever run into anyone you can tip it.
  • Give a nod. A nice head nod in someone's general direction can be a cool way to greet. 
  • Mime a fist bump. Fist bumps are a classic and easy greeting, so if you're a fan, keep doing them... just don't follow through all the way. 

photo credit: Getty Images

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