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Happy Hump Day!  Here's what you missed on today's show.

The Morning Brain Buster:

Q: A new study found this is the #1 thing that annoys us while out Christmas shopping?  What?

A: People walking slowly

Bonehead Of The Day:

Inflight WiFi is a relatively new luxury and people are already  ruining it for all of us. Take the flyer who named his WiFi network  "bomb on board." Thanks to the name choice, a flight from Kenya to  Turkey with 100 passengers on board had to make an unscheduled stop in  Sudan. 

Once on the ground, the plane was inspected and it was decided there  was no bomb or any other safety threat. After that, the flight made its  way to its final destination. 

It's unclear if person with a terrible sense of humor was singled out or if charges were filed. 

Source: News.Au

Bonehead #2

Zippy has gone missing. The town of Deerfield, New Hampshire has been  using Zippy as their own, life-size Elf on a Shelf but someone has  stolen the mischievous elf. 

The Deerfield Rescue Squad took to social media to announce Zippy's  disappearance and assured the public this was not a prank. "This is not a  joke or a game," the squad explains, "we are very upset about someone  choosing to ruin the fun for Deerfield's children."

So far, Zippy is still MIA. 

Taco Bell’s Trying Out French Fry Burritos

A month ago, Blink-182 frontman Mark Hoppus tweeted,  “Taco Bell is better than Del Taco but Del Taco has french fries so  it’s a real Sophie’s Choice of fast food.” And the fast food chain  responded with a tweet reading, “That just might change soon, Mark.”

Well it looks like that fries-in-a-burrito dream is coming true soon,  because Taco Bell is testing a California Loaded Fries Burrito at  locations in Charleston, West Virginia. This creation comes stuffed with  fries ground beef, sour cream, and nacho cheese instead of shredded  cheese. They’re only $1.99 each, now we just have to patiently wait for  the french fry burrito to make its way to Taco Bell menus near us.

Today is St. Nicholas Day

December 6th is St. Nicholas Day! (observed on December 6th in Western Christian countries, December 5th in the Netherlands and December 19th in Eastern Christian countries, as the feast day of Saint Nicholas) Yes,  there was a real Christian named Saint Nicholas! He was born in the  third century in a village called Patara, which at the time was under  Greek rule. He was raised as a devout Christian, and was taught to be  generous and donate to the poor. He became the Bishop of Myra, Italy  later in life, and was known as a very giving man. Legend has it that  Saint Nicholas would take small bags of gold coins and throw them  through open windows of poor homes. Children would hang stockings by  their chimneys, in hopes that they would catch the bags of gold!

Saint Nicholas passed away on December 6th in 342 AD, and  we dedicate this day to celebrating the generosity of a wonderful man.  His acts teach us the importance of giving and love. Here’s to you,  Saint Nicholas!



  • Tom Hulce is 64 (“The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” “Mozart,” “National  Lampoon’s Animal House,” “Parenthood,” “Murder in Mississippi”)
  • James Naughton is 72 (“Hostages,” “Planet of the Apes,” “The Devil  Wears Prada,” “First Kid”) (FAST FACT: In 1997 he won a second Tony  Award with his portrayal of lawyer Billy Flynn in the musical,  “Chicago”)
  • Lindsay Price is 41 (“All My Children,” “Bold & The Beautiful,”  “Beverly Hills 90210,” “Lipstick Jungle”) (FAST FACT: She’s been married  to celebrity chef/TV personality Curtis Stone since 2013)
  • Stefanie Scott is 21 (“A.N.T. Farm,” “Wreck-It Ralph,” “Beethoven’s Big Break”)
  • Comedian Kin Shriner (comedian Wil’s twin brother) – 64 (“General Hospital,” “Port Charles”)
  • Janine Turner is 55 (“Northern Exposure,” Lifetime’s “Strong Medicine,” “Friday Night Lights”)
  • JoBeth Williams is 69 (“Poltergeist,” “Kramer vs. Kramer,” “Stir Crazy”)
  • The late Wally Cox (1924-1973) …he would have been 93 (“Mister Peepers,” “Hollywood Squares,” “Underdog”)
  • The late Agnes Moorehead (1900-1974) (“Citizen Kane,” “Dark  Passage,” “Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte,” “Bewitched”) (FAST FACTS: While  she may be best known to modern audiences for her role as Endora on  “Bewitched,” her career spanned six decades. During that time, she won  earned her one Primetime Emmy Award and two Golden Globe awards in  addition to four Academy Award and six Emmy Award nominations.)


  • R.E.M.’s Peter Buck is 61
  • Walk the Moon’s Kevin Ray is 31
  • Emblem3’s Wesley Stromberg is 24
  • The late guitar god Randy Rhoads (1956-1982) …he would have been 61


  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is 60
  • Free agent NFL Quarterback Johnny Manziel is 25
  • Comedian Wil Shriner (Kin’s twin brother) is 64
  • Comedian Steven Wright is 62

Video Of The Day:

From the creators of Stonehenge; Chicken Tikka Masala. Actually the  roots are more complicated than that and Wikipedia explains it better  than I can, on account of me not being a historian on this particular  subject


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