Could you live without your phone for a year?

To be honest..  I don't think I could go a year without my phone..

and you probably would not be able to either..

But what if $100,000 was at stake? Vitamin Water just announced that they are looking for contestants to participate in their #nophoneforayear contest, and if you pull it off you could walk away $100,000 richer. From now until January 8th, you can apply via Instagram or Twitter using the nophoneforayear hashtag, and if you are chosen you have to trade in your smartphone for an old school cell phone that only makes calls. You can’t use someone else’s phone either – no smartphone at all. That means no texting, no apps, no internet on the go. Could you do it? As a little incentive, they’ll give you $10 grand if you only make it 6 months. (Newser)

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