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The Morning Brain Buster:

Q: Just over 70% of married men say they never let their wife near THIS

A: The Grill

Bonehead Of The Day:

They say owners start to look like their pets as time goes on and in the case of Thomas Bloedel, they pick up the same drinking habits, too. The 44-year-old was charged with drunk driving after he slammed his SUV into a pole outside a suburban Pittsburgh home. To make matters worse, authorities discovered his dog Maxwell, a chihuahua who was in the car at the time, was also buzzed. The pooch had lapped up vodka that had spilled from a bottle of Smirnoff that had been in Bloedel’s lap. Maxwell spent the night at the vet, but has recovered from his alcohol poisoning. Aside from his DUI charge, Bloedel now also faces charges for animal cruelty, criminal mischief, careless driving, and making terroristic threats after he threatened to kill multiple cops. Not a good look, Thomas. Source: The Smoking Gun

Stupid News-- These People Are Locked In A 50-Hour Kissing Contest For A Free Car

What would you do for a free car? How about lock lips with it for more than 48 hours?People are engaged in a bizarre kissing contest in Texas that will reward the last person slobbering on the vehicles with a free Kia.Since 7 a.m. on Monday, contestants have been pressing their lips to two different cars inside of an Austin dealership as their marathon is broadcast to Facebook Live.The “Kiss a Kia” contest started with 20 people, Fox 7 reported. By Tuesday afternoon that number was down to 11.Different candidates left for “different reasons,” a representative for iHeart radio station 96.7 KISS FM, which is hosting the event, told The Huffington Post.“Some left voluntarily, some were called out for their lips coming off the car,” said iHeart Media Director Zachary Wellsandt. “Everyone has been in great spirits, even those called out have taken it well and talked to us on their way home to some well-earned sleep.”Fortunately, there are 10-minute breaks each hour — not that it makes idly standing, bending or kneeling next to a car for hours on end a cake walk, especially when you consider they’re also fighting a lack of sleep.If after 50 hours there are people still hanging on, one of their names will be drawn at random to determine the winner, Wellsandt said.Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/kissing-cars-contest_us_58f64267e4b0da2ff8639e70?section=us_weird-news

Today's News-- You’ll Never Guess The Annual Average Cost Of Dating

Dating isn’t easy. Trying to figure out what you look for in a potential partner while you’re still figuring out who you are as a person is complicated by high expectations or societal pressure. You could be on dating apps or trying to get lucky as you go on outings. You’re both going through the initial stages of getting to know each other while also trying to figure out if the other is getting ready ghost or the one.If you feel like you’re the only one in your friend group who hasn’t coupled up yet, you’re about to hear some good news. According to a new Match survey in an annual Singles in America report, the findings were that the average single person spends $1,596 annually on dating efforts. The survey questioned thousands of single people in the nation and that number was based on people who are in relationships or are seeking one. It sounds like the cost of a lavish trip you could take yourself on or the cost of things you could treat yourself to, TBH.The highest-spending city was San Antonio, Texas with an average of $2,537. The other top cities were Atlanta, Baltimore, Nashville and New York. So, don’t worry if your schedule is empty this weekend. Your wallet is subconsciously thanking you.Singles In America also found some other interesting data on modern dating habits, including where you’re most likely to flirt your way to success (at least for the night), whether you should pay for the date and/or if you’re alone in wanting a relationship.Link: http://www.singlesinamerica.com/2017/

Today is Volunteer Recognition Day

April 20th is Volunteer Recognition Day! Believe it or not, the best things in life have nothing to do with money. Yes, it’s TRUE! This day honors all the fine folks who give their time and efforts to others without the benefit of a paycheck coming down the pike.These are the people who help out at the local soup kitchen, the church, a nursing home – or even with helping garbage pick up at a local park. The bottom line is that they’ll spend their time helping others just because it feels good to link arms with the community and simply, make it a better place for all.Paid or not, what these folks do is important. And the best news? YOU can become one of them! Not sure how to get started? Log on to HandsOnNetwork.org, and you can find an opportunity near you. Meanwhile, how about just saying “THANK YOU” to these special folks! And by the way – if you’re a volunteer, then we’ve got a big ole bucket of “thank yous” for YOU!


Actors:Carmen Electra (“Baywatch,” “Good Burger,” “Starsky & Hutch,” “American Vampire,” “Scary Movie, Date Movie,” “Epic Movie,” “Meet the Spartans, “Disaster Movie”) (FAST FACT: Born Tara Leigh Patrick, she started her professional career as a dancer, while working at the Kings Island amusement park) – 45Crispin Glover (“Back to the Future,” “River's Edge,” “Rubin and Ed,” “Wild at Heart,” “The Doors,” “Charlie's Angels,” “Alice in Wonderland,” “Hot Tub Time Machine,” “Texas Rising”) – 53Jessica Lange (“King Kong,” “All That Jazz,” “Tootsie,” “Frances, “ Country,” “Sweet Dreams,” “Blue Sky,” “American Horror Story,” “Feud”) (FAST FACT: Among her achievements are two Academy Awards, one Tony Award, three Emmy Awards, five Golden Globe Awards, one Screen Actors Guild Award, and three Dorian Awards. In 2016, Lange became the twenty-second thespian in history to achieve the Triple Crown of Acting.) – 68Joey Lawrence (“Gimme A Break,” “Blossom,” “Brotherly Love,” “American Dream,” “Melissa & Joey”) (FAST FACTS: When he was five he performed a song on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.” In 2006, Lawrence appeared on ABC's “Dancing with the Stars.” Paired with professional dancer Edyta Sliwinska, he placed third.) – 41Denis Leary (“Rescue Me,” “The Amazing Spider-Man,” “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll”) – 60Billy Magnussen (“The East,” “Into the Woods,” “American Crime Story”) – 32Shemar Moore (“The Young and the Restless,” “Birds of Prey,” “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” “Criminal Minds”) – 47Ryan O’ Neal (“Peyton Place,” “Love Story,” “Paper Moon,” “Barry Lyndon,” “A Bridge Too Far,” “Bones”) – 76George Takei (“Star Trek” series) – 80The late Bruce Cabot (1933’s “King Kong, the 1936 version of “Last of the Mohicans,” “ Fury,” “Dodge City,” "Wayne's Regulars,” “Angel and the Badman. Diamonds Are Forever”) (1904 - 1972)Musicians:Grand Funk Railroad’s Craig Frost – 69Wade Hayes – 48Killer Mike (born Michael Render) – 42Stephen Marley (Son of reggae icon Bob Marley) – 45Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy – 50The late bandleader Lionel Hampton (FAST FACTS: He was inducted into the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame in 1992, and was awarded the National Medal of Arts in 1996. (1908 - 2002)The late Luther Vandross (1951 - 2005)…he would have been 66Plus:Model Miranda Kerr (FAST FACTS: Secame the first Australian Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2007, and welcome son Flynn Christopher Bloom in 2011. She shares the child with ex Orlando Bloom ) – 34Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens (FAST FACT: At the time of his retirement, he was the oldest justice then serving, the second-oldest serving justice in the history of the Court, and the third- longest serving Supreme Court Justice in history.) – 97Baseball Star Don Mattingly (Mattingly was named to the American League All-Star team six times. He won nine Gold Glove Awards, three Silver Slugger Awards, the 1984 AL batting title, and was the 1985 AL Most Valuable Player. Mattingly served as captain of the Yankees from 1991 through 1995, when he retired as a player.) – 56

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Fail Army: "Slip and Slide" Fails