Happy Friday!  We made it!  Weekend is here, just gotta get through the workday.. Hope you have a great weekend.. Here's what you missed on today's show.

The Morning Brain Buster:

Q: 77% of women have a secret fund for THIS. What is it?

A: Secret Shoe Fund

Bonehead Of The Day:

When you're a "snake apprentice," you've got to be extra sure you're careful at work. If not, you'll end up like Ian Michael Arnol Nesmith. The Marion County, Florida man went to check on the cobra in its cage and when he couldn't initially see it, he opened the cage, allowing for the serpent to escape. The crazy part? The cobra hasn't been found. It turns out the snake's owner is licensed to have multiple venomous reptiles, but Nesmith, whose an apprentice, wasn't supposed to open the cages while the owner was away. Now, the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission has found Nesmith to be in violation of allowing wildlife to escape. Source: WFTV

Bonehead #2

If you're a wanted woman, it's best to stay off social media. Markesha Wilkerson found that out the hard way. The 18-year-old from Lakeland, Florida had a warrant for her arrest for two charges: improper display of a firearm, and failure to appear. When local police were scanning Facebook Live, they found Wilkerson broadcasting a video from the Lakeland Chuck E Cheese. She was arrested at the restaurant. “Crazy criminals are appreciated, stupid criminals are appreciated," Sheriff Grady Judd says. "We recommend that if you are wanted, to post on Facebook or Instagram, and let us know where you are." Source: WFLA

Man Killed By Thousands Of Pounds Of Cheese

What a way to go! Robert Ceremuga was killed back in 2013 when almost 9-thousand pounds of cheese crashed down on him while on the job at a Dublin, Ireland cold-storage warehouse. Now, a jury has officially declared the tragic incident a workplace accident. A forklift driver with no warehouse experience had removed between 30 and 40 pallets from the lower shelves, making the unit top-heavy. By the time 32-year-old Ceremuga, the warehouse manager, walked by, the unit buckled. The driver was able to escape, but Ceremuga suffered "catastrophic" injuries. The ruling comes after the company that owned the warehouse was fined $214-thousand.Source: Daily Mail

Another Company Is Promising A Flying Car "Soon"

There's another flying car on the market. As we previously reported, Dutch company PAL-V Europe NV plans to ship the first batch of their flying cars in three to five years. Now, a Slovakian company might beat them to it. AeroMobil unveiled it's first flying car model, which holds two passengers with plane wings that can fold back like an insect. The company's site has an option to pre-order it now, but it won't come cheap. Not only with drivers need to shell out between $1.3 and $1.6-million, but they'll need to have a pilot's license to fly it.

Today is Kindergarten Day

April 21st is Kindergarten Day! This day honors Friedrich Wilhelm August Frobel, who is considered the “father” of the kindergarten concept. Frobel, a German teacher and a student of Johann Pestalozzi, Frobel conceived that children learning through play and experience was a true foundation of education.With his framework, the first kindergarten (which means “garden for the children”) was opened in Blankenburg, Germany in 1837. Frobel had surmised that social experience would allow children to more easily transition from home to school.While his unorthodox methods were eventually banned by the Prussian government, the rest of the world – including the United States - embraced the idea.Fast forward to 1856, when the first kindergarten opened in Watertown, Wisconsin. Founded by Margarethe Schurz, this kindergarten was a German-language class, as were many in this region. Kindergarten found its way into private English speaking institutions across the country, but it wasn’t until 1873 that became part of any public school system.



Tony Danza (“Don Jon,” “Who’s The Boss?,” “Taxi”)) – 66

Charles Grodin (“Midnight Run,” “The Great Muppet Caper,” “The Woman in Red,” “Ishtar,” “The Couch Trip,” “Taking Care of Business,” “Dave,” “Beethoven”) – 82

Patti Lupone (“Life Goes On,” “Driving Miss Daisy,”  “Frasier,” “American Horror Story: Coven”) – 69

Andie MacDowell (“Groundhog Day,” “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” “Green Card,” “Multiplicity,”) – 59

James McAvoy (“The X-Men” series, “Shameless,” “Wanted”) – 38

Nicole Sullivan (“MADtv,” “The King of Queens,” “Rita Rocks,” “Cougar Town”) – 47

The Misfits’ Jerry Only – 58

The Stooges’ Iggy Pop (given name, James Newell Osterberg, Jr.) – 70

The Cure’s Robert Smith – 58

Reality star Jason Duggar (12th son on TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting”) – 17

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II (She’s been queen since 1952) – 91

Princess Isabella of Denmark – 10

Comedian Rob Riggle – 47

Former Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback-turned-CBS analyst Tony Romo  – 37

Video Of The Day:

Today i'm gonna show you some simple life hacks everyone should know! I hope you enjoy these weird life hacks!