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A.   Lego!


Bonehead Of The Day

A man was caught trying to steal hubcaps while a group of Texas police officers and supervisors held a meeting.

The suspect had already removed two hubcaps from an SUV and was working on the third when approached by one of the officers.

Moments later, the 20-year-old suspect was surrounded by an entire police department, and was taken into custody without incident.

He was charged with class B theft and placed into the local county jail.



The State Police Have A Cannon On The Front Of Their Cars

Next time you're driving through Iowa, be on your best behavior. Iowa state troopers are being equipped with cannons that are mounted on the front of their car.

They're not exactly like the cannons you'd find on the side of old pirate ships, they're more like something you'd see in a James Bond movie. The troopers shoot a sticky projectile out of the canon which sticks to the back of a car and then they can track it.

The cannon would be used for things like high speed chases. This way, officers don't have to chase down suspects in a dangerous showdown. They can track the car to its destination and ambush them there.



Because We're Not Fat Enough!  The Deep Fried Twinkie Burger

A Deep-fried Twinkie Burger is being sold at a restaurant in Philadelphia. 

The restaurant (PYT) describes the burger as two deep-fried Twinkie buns, custom blend pork belly patty, American cheese and extra bacon.

The restaurant is known for its unique creations…. It previously sold a Szechuan Lamb Burger sandwiched between buns made of sticky rice and the Donut Burger held together by two halves of a glazed donut.



The 10 Least Reliable Cars

Consumer Reports looked at the most unreliable cars around and found that 3 out of the 10 least reliable vehicles have high-enough test scores to be recommended, but their poor reliability prevents them from reaching that status.

Reliability is typically based on the newest three model years if a model hasn't been redesigned in that period, Models with an asterisk (*) are based on data of one model year only.

Here's the list:

1. Ford C-MAX Energi (Plug-in Hybrid)*

2. Ford Escape (1.6L Ecoboost)*

3. Mini Cooper Countryman

4. Ford C-Max Hybrid

5. Nissan Pathfinder*

6. Volkswagen Beetle

7. Cadillac XTS*

8. Ford Explorer (V6, 4WD)

9. Hyundai Genesis Coupe*

10. Ford Taurus (turbo)*



Hero Mailman Saves Customer's Life

A mailman saved the life of one of his customers in Coconut Grove, Florida

The man was delivering mail when heard a customer he has known for 10-years, screaming for help. The door was door open so he went into the home and called 911.

He remained with the woman and was coached by paramedics on the phone until Fire Rescue arrived. The woman was taken to a local hospital.

The woman survived and the mailman's actions are being credited with preventing her from having a fatal heart attack.




~~Actor Henry Winkler (Fonzi on "Happy Days") is 68. (The Waterboy; Night Shift; Click;  Royal Pains)
~~Actor Harry Hamlin is 62. (L.A. Law; Clash of the Titans 1981; married to Lisa Rinna)
~~Actor Matthew Morrison ("Glee") is 35.
~~Comedian, Kevin Pollak is 56 (The Usual Suspects; The Whole Nine Yards, Drew Carey Show's Mr. Bell 95-96, End of Days, Dr. Dolittle 2; stand-up comedian)
~~Actress Nia Long is 43. (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air; Third Watch, Boyz n the Hood, Boiler Room, Big Momma's House movies; Friday)
~~TV personality/mogul, Ivanka Trump is 32 (Donald's daughter)
~~Actress, Clémence Poésy ("Harry Potter's Fleur Delacour) is 31
~~Actress, Janel Parrish ("Pretty Little Liars") is 25
~~Reality 'star', Gretchen Rossi (" The Real Housewives of Orange County") is 35
~~Actress, Kristina Anapau ("True Blood") is 34 (Black Swan)
~~Brett Kelly (the chubby kid from "Bad Santa") is now… 20
~~Model/actress, Eva Marcille is 29 ( House of Payne)
~~Actor, Michael Beach is 50 (The Abyss; Third Watch; Soul Food)
~~Actress, June Blair is 80 (The Adv's of Ozzie & Harriet's June)
~~Actor, Dick Gautier is 82 (When Things Were Rotten's Robin Hood, Here We Go Again)
~~Character ator, Ed Lauter is 75 (The Artist; Trouble With The Curve; ER; many more)
~~Actress, Shanna Reed ("Major Dad") is 57
~~Actor, Leon Rippy is 64 ( Walker, Texas Ranger; Deadwood; Saving Grace; The Patriot)
~~Actor, Shaun Sipos is 32 (Life Unexpected; Rampage; Final Destination 2)
~~Actor, Charles Martin Smith is 60 (American Graffiti, The Untouchables)
~~Actor Jack Plotnick ("Reno 911!") is 45.
~~"Cash Cab" host Ben Bailey is 43.
~~Actor Tequan Richmond ("Everybody Hates Chris") is 21. (Ray)
~~Former NFL coach, Dick Vermeil is 77
~~WWE star Adam Copeland, aka 'Edge', is 40
~~Soccer legend, Diego Armando Maradona is 53


~~Singer-guitarist Gavin Rossdale (of Bush) is 46. (Gwen Stefani's hubby)
~~Bassist Timothy B. Schmit (of The Eagles; and Poco) is 66.
~~Singer Grace Slick is 74. (Jefferson Starship; Starship)
~~Rapper/one-hit wonder Snow is 45 ('Informer')
~~Singer, Joey Belladonna (Anthrax) is 53
~~Songwriter Eddie Holland is 74.
~~Singer Otis Williams (of The Temptations) is 72.
~~Country singer Kassidy Osborn (of SHeDAISY) is 37
~~Country singer T. Graham Brown is 59



A 50's Advice Guide Made This Girl Popular At School..  Now It's Going To Be A Movie

When an 8th grader had a hard time fitting in at school, she found an old book published in the 50's called "Betty Cornell's Glamour Guide For Teens". She read the book and took the advice it gave on becoming popular.

Using old school tips like "always wear white gloves", "always wear pearls" and "be honest and nice", she was able to understand and move to popularity between the different cliques at her school.

But… the biggest success is yet to come for her. She kept a journal of her experience through this transformation and now it's been bought for a book deal. The 15-year-old is also the youngest non-actor to ever do a feature deal with DreamWorks.

They want to turn the book, based on her journals, into a film called Popular: One Geek's Quest For The Impossible.



Bob Barker Will Make Cameo On "The Price Is Right" For His 90th Birthday

One lucky (and unsuspecting) audience attending an upcoming taping of The Price is Right will be treated to an appearance by Bob Barker. He's being asked to make a cameo to celebrate his 90th birthday.

Barker's pre-taped, one-day appearance will air on his birthday, Dec. 12.

During his appearance, Barker will help place a pup for adoption and take part in a special Showcase presentation featuring prizes that honor the benefits of reaching 90.



The Walking Dead Will Be Back For Season 5

AMC has renewed "The Walking Dead" for a fifth season.

The show began its fourth season earlier this month and set a record for the most watched non-sport cable telecast when 20.2 million people tuned in for the season premiere.

AMC announced last month a companion series to the show with new characters and set in a new location that will be out in 2015.

There were no details on when the fifth season would premiere.
Sharon Osbourne Shoots Down Rumors Of The Osbournes Returning To The Small Screen

Sharon Osbourne shot down rumors that her family's reality show "The Osbournes" may be returning to the small screen.

Sharon and Ozzy's son Jack revealed that he and his parents "have talked about" the possibility of bringing back the classic MTV program, which aired from 2002 to 2005.

But Sharon made it clear that any reports of "The Osbournes" coming back are "absolutely not true."



How To Adjust To the End Of Daylight Savings Time

Our clocks "fall back" on Sunday, giving us an extra hour of sleep.

It can be a tough adjustment so there are some tips for preparing yourself for the upcoming time change.

1. You're already dealing with sleep problems--Time changes in either direction can mess with existing sleep issues. So while you might be tempted to stay out late and sleep in the next day, it's important to practice good sleep hygiene and that means sticking to a routine, waking up and going to bed around the same time each day. If you're the type that has trouble staying asleep, extra brightness in the morning may interfere with getting enough snooze time. Invest in a set of room-darkening shades, but make sure to open them up as soon as you're awake. A.M. sunlight resets your biological clock and can actually make falling asleep at the end of the day easier.

2. You're a parent--You know how your kid wakes up at the crack of dawn, no matter how late Mommy and Daddy were out the night before? Well, turning the clocks back means they might wake up even earlier. Like in adults, light helps regulate kids' body clocks. To keep little ones up long enough at night and asleep late enough in the morning, make sure they get natural light exposure in the evenings and that their bedrooms are dark at night. All daytime routines help keep them on schedule, so don't be tempted to serve dinner earlier just because it's dark outside. Keeping evening activities consistent can help you avoid time-change troubles.

3. You get the winter blues--The end of Daylight Saving Time can actually be good for your mood. You may not enjoy leaving the office when it's already dark out, but biologically, morning light actually boosts your mood the most. So take advantage of an earlier sunrise, and leave your blinds open at night. If that leads to sleep troubles, keep the shades shut while you sleep but open them first thing, and then get outside as early as you can.





30 Tips To Get Your Children Back Outdoors

If you haven't heard, the youth of America are getting more obese. They're also addicted to all the lovely devices with screens - which keeps them inside and on the couch instead of outside getting some good old exercise.

So, if you're having a hard time getting your kid to go outside, here are 30 tips to get them off the couch and out in the backyard (and beyond):

1. Make going outside a natural part of your everyday life
2. Let them play outside in their own inventive ways
3. Let them play with insects
4. Create landscape art
5. Dig in the garden together
6. Go collecting
7. Create a nature table
8. Go on a blindfold walk
9. Climb the highest hill
10. Go out in the rain
11. Go apple hunting
12. Build a den
13. Play bug or leaf Bingo
14. Play with seeds and things that fall from the trees
15. Pick and roast chestnuts
16. Collect stuff and make a stick man
17. Put on comfy clothes
18. Get a bag and collect things and keep track of them in a journal
19. Stick to the rules - no texting behind a tree
20. Keep it local - you don't have to go far to find green space
21. Just look around you
22. Suggest ideas so that "i'm bored" isn't an option
23. Let them play more freely without adult supervision
24. Plant ideas then let your child lead the way
25. Let your kids explore nature with their camera
26. Play nature "I Spy"
27. Count the number of snails you see
28. Watch the moon
29. Collect rain in a bucket
30. Make nature a part of your every day life in simple and fun ways



Scary Amount Of Candy Consumed On Halloween

Both kids and adults will eat a lot of candy on Halloween. 

About 4% of all candy consumed in the US is eaten on Halloween

Almost every child in the country will have candy on Halloween and about half of the adults will eat some. That compares to 24% of all adults and kids who have candy on a typical day.

When it comes to the type of candy, adults prefer chocolate candy while kids eat four hard and chewy candies for every one eaten by adults.



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