Happy Thursday!  Hope you have a great day!  I had an interesting time last night at the price is right.  Seeing Jerry Springer live, too funny!  I didn't get to spin the big wheel tho.. kinda dissappointed..  Oh well.  Here's what you missed on today's show.


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q.   Behind the 1 dollar bill, this is the 2nd most common bill found in circulation. What?

A.   The $100 bill!


Bonehead of The Day:

A man in Davenport, Florida stole a puppy, but tweeted about it first. 

The 20-year-old man asked to pet a 10-week-old Husky mix outside a restaurant. He then grabbed the dog and ran. 

Cops saw the man with the dog a short time later and arrested him. 

They say he tweeted about the plan beforehand, writing "hush puppy plan in action."



Riders Stuck on Roller Coaster.. For 2 Hours!

Firefighters rescued 12 riders, including at least one child, who were stuck in a vertical position on TOP of a roller coaster at Universal Orlando for more than two hours.

Firefighters started using harnesses and ropes or cables to rescue the passengers sitting atop the ride, which stands 167 feet tall.

The passengers were removed one at a time, and one of the riders was taken to a nearby hospital after complaining of neck pain.

Universal said the ride shut down automatically, but the cause of the malfunction was not immediately known. 



Starbucks Launches A Promotion To Show Government Officials How To Work Together

Starbucks is offering a new deal - from now until Friday if you buy a drink for someone else they will give you a free tall coffee.

They feel that in times like these small acts of generosity should be encouraged and rewarded.



Mob Wanted Johnny Carson Dead For Flirting With Mafia Guy's Girlfriend

According to a new book, a mob boss wanted Johnny Carson dead for flirting with a mobster's girlfriend.

It was 1970, Carson was inside a Manhattan bar when he went up to the woman and tried to get her to leave with him-- but she was dating a man who was high up in the mob. When the mobster and his crew arrived, they went over to Carson, grabbed him and threw him down a flight of stairs. He then put a hit out on Carson.

Carson hid in his home for three days.

The hit was called off after NBC made a deal with crime boss Joseph Colombo to carry coverage of a Columbus Day rally that was formed by the Italian-American Civil Rights League.




~~NFL legend, Brett Favre is 44 (still retired)
~~Actor/Extra host Mario Lopez is 40 ("The Other Half," "Saved by the Bell")
~~Actress, Bai Ling (The Crow) is 47 (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow)
~~Actress Wendi McLendon-Covey ("Reno 911!") is 44. (Bridesmaids)
~~Actress, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe is 35 (Prison Break; Another World; She's All That, Nash Bridges)
~~Actress, Aimee Teegarden is 24 (Friday Night Lights; Scream 4; Prom)
~~Actor/dancer, Ben Vereen is 67 (Pippin, Roots' Chicken George, Webster's Uncle Philip Long, Star Trek The Next Generation's Dr. La Forge, The Fresh Prince's real father; All That Jazz)
~~Actor, Bradley Whitford is 54 (Billy Madison; The West Wing; The Good Guys)
~~Actor, Peter Coyote is 72 (E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial; A Walk to Remember)
~~Actor Charles Dance is 67. (Alien³; Gosford Park; Game of Thrones)
~~Actress Julia Sweeney ("Saturday Night Live") is 54. (Pulp Fiction)
~~Actress, Joelle Carter (Justified) is 41 (American Pie 2)
~~NASCAR stud, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is 39


~~Singer David Lee Roth (Van Halen) is 59
~~Singer Mya is 34
~~Drummer Mike Malinin (of the Goo Goo Dolls) is 46
~~Singer, Eric Lee Martin (of Mr. Big) is 53
~~Country Singer, John Prine is 67
~~Country Singer, Tanya Tucker is 55
~~Singer-guitarist Midge Ure is 60
~~Rock Musician, Dean Roland (Collective Soul) is 41
~~Guitarist Jim Glennie (of James) is 50
~~Bassist Martin Kemp (Spandau Ballet) is 52
~~Singer Cyril Neville (of The Neville Brothers) is 65



The Most Important Inventions Of The Last 100 Years

Over the past 100 years we've come such a long way when it comes to the gadgets that shape our lives.

Experts and enthusiasts got together and made a list of the 100 gadgets that have shaped our century - one from each year 1913 - 2013.


1913 The zip

1914 Motorised movie cameras

1915 Pyrex

1916 Electric power drill

1917 Radio tuners

1918 The superheterodyne radio circuit

1919 The pop up toaster

1920 The hairdryer

1921 The modern lie detector

1922 Electric kettle

1923 Self-winding watch

1924 Loudspeaker

1925 Modern day can opener

1926 Tevelox robot

1927 Aerosol can

1928 Baird Television Department Company television

1929 Car radio

1930 Jet engine

1931 Electric razor

1932 Electric can opener

1933 The Teasmade

1934 Zippo lighter

1935 Radar

1936 First voice recognition machine

1937 Dirt Devil

1938 The biro

1939 Helicopter

1940 Modern colour television

1941 Artificial heart

1942 The turboprop engine

1943 The Slinky

1944 Kidney dialysis machine

1945 Clock radio

1946 Disposable nappy

1947 Kenwood food mixer

1948 First pager

1949 Photo-Pac disposable camera

1950 Alkaline batteries

1951 Power steering

1952 SAGE modem

1953 Black box flight recorder

1954 Regency pocket radio

1955 Breathalyser

1956 Behind the air hearing aid

1957 Casio digital watch

1958 Pacemaker

1959 Black and Decker cordless drill

1960 Stereos/hi-fis

1961 Kodak Instamatic

1962 LED

1963 The Telefunken 'mouse'

1964 Plasma television – University of Illinois

1965 Y. Hatano's pedmoter

1966 El-Gi 1:12 Ferrari radio controlled car
1967 Polaroid

1968 Smoke detector

1969 The Internet

1970 Digital thermometer

1971 Busicom LE-120A Handy pocket calculator

1972 Multi socket power plug

1973 The Ethernet

1974 Breville sandwich maker

1975 Kodak digital camera

1976 Lithium batteries

1977 Mattel Electronic Football

1978 Victor HR-3300REK - first UK VHS video recorder

1979 Texas Instruments Speak and Spell

1980 Sony Walkman

1981 Epson HX-20 - the world's first laptop

1982 Sony Watchman - CD player

1983 Commodore 64

1984 Sony Discman

1985 The Leatherman

1986 Bose noise cancelling headphones

1987 Sony super VHS camcorder

1988 Digital mobile phones

1989 World Wide Web

1990 Nintendo Game Boy

1991 Nintendo SNES

1992 Palm Pilot

1993 Dyson vacuum cleaner

1994 Digital cordless telephone /Mega Drive

1995 PlayStation 1

1996 Audio Highway - world's first MP3 player

1997 Motorola StarTac

1998 Panasonic portable DVD player

1999 DVR by TiVo

2000 The Trek Tech/IBM - flash drive

2001 Apple iPod

2002 PlayStation 2

2003 Blackberry 6210

2004 Samsung OLED TV

2005 Xbox 360

2006 SanDisk Micro SD

2007 Apple iPhone

2008 Beats by Dre

2009 Twitter

2010 Apple iPad

2011 Kindle Fire

2012 Nexus 7

2013 PlayStation 4



Video Of the Day:

Oh boy this is a funny, and scary video..  Reminds me of an ex girlfriend..  Glad this is an act, because, if she was actually doing this for somebody, i'd advise him to run!  FAST!!  She's got a lil psycho look...  As she quotes Taylor Swift lyrics.