Good Morning!  Wow, back from vacation and I'm ready for the weekend, how bout you?  Ha ha, i'm such a slacker..  Here's what you missed on today's show!

The Morning Brain Buster:

In 1913, only 1 in 5 American homes had one of these ... today, nearly everyone has one - what is it?

Answer:   A bathtub.


Bonehead Of The Day

One hundred one students and eight chaperones were kicked off an early morning AirTran flight before its scheduled departure Monday from New York to Atlanta.

The controversy now pits the airline against an Orthodox Jewish high school

The airline claims that the group of "non-compliant passengers" would not stay seated, and some were using their mobile devices after being asked not to.

When the students wouldn't comply with requests from the flight crew, including the captain, they were asked to leave the plane, delaying the flight for 45 minutes.

Students and chaperones from the Brooklyn-based school said the flight crew overreacted to the teenagers who were looking forward to visiting Six Flags and rafting, among other activities.




Gotta Love A Backseat Driver!

A study by found that the most annoying thing for us is "advice" from other passengers.

And.... spouses make the worst backseat drivers. 

34% of women said their husbands are the worst backseat drivers, followed by their mothers at 18% and friends at 15%.

40% of men said their wives are the worst passengers, 17% said friends and 15% said mothers.

Children were ranked low on the list by both men and women, especially teens. Only 7% listed adult daughters and 4% sons. Only 3% said teen daughters and sons.

The biggest annoyances include:

**Comments on driving speed: 47%

**Gives directions: 29%

**Talks too much: 19%

**Pushes imaginary "brake" with foot: 15%

**Fiddles with radio or CD player: 10%

**Talks on phone or texts: 7%

**Sings: 6%

**Eats: 3%


The Latest Beauty Trend:  Showering Once A Week!

The latest beauty trend is called a "cleaning reduction":   The practice includes limiting your showers to once a week.

Using the argument that washing too often takes natural oils away from your body, participants wash their hands regularly but keep their bodies out of the shower to hold on to oils and "good bugs."

Options like dry shampoos exist for cleaning up without getting wet and the same can be true for a can of deodorant.

Showering every day has only become a common practice in the last century - and some green groups are encouraging the practice in an effort to save water as well.

Some famous celebs have jumped on the wagon - including Jessica Simpson and Prince Harry. The Prince admitted that he didn't wash his hair for two years - and only used dry shampoo.


Just What We Need!  Breast Milk Lollipops

A lollipop company in Texas called Lollyphile is offering new Breast Milk Lollipops, meant to mimic the flavor of a mother's milk.

According to Lollyphile's website, mothers shared their breast milk with the company's "flavor specialists," until they were able to turn the flavor into a candy.

The company has said that the lollipops don't contain any actual breast milk and the limited edition lollipops aren't cheap.  Four will cost you $10. 

A case of 36 Breast Milk Lollipops costs $58.


A New Way For Men To Remember Their Anniversary


The Remember Ring resembles a normal ring from the outside, but inside uses Hot Spot technology to heat itself up.

Every hour the piece of metal gets hotter and hotter for 10 seconds, continuing to warm until, at 120ºF, it becomes impossible to ignore, reminding you that a special day is around the corner.

Fitted with a battery-charged micro-chip clock that converts heat in your hand into electricity, manufacturers promise the ring is maintenance free and will never switch off.

According to Alaska Jewelry:  "Just specify your anniversary date when you order, and we'll program your ring for you. Set it and forget it-until your anniversary!'

The ring costs $760, has a lifelong warranty and comes in seven styles available in 14 carat white and yellow gold in men's sizes 10 to 13.

BAD NEWS:  It is still a concept product.


Today's Video Of The Day

It seems Philadelphia news anchor Nicole Brewer and weather lady, Carol Erickson, are NOT the best of friends off the air .

Recently, Carol called her coworker's praise "lackluster" and Nicole replied, "Your mom is lackluster, Carol!"

The Philly Post labeled the video a "master class in highly public pass-aggressive behavior."