Good Morning!  How are you today?  Yesterday was a crazy day, had my parents in town, and my son broke his nose at wrestling camp..  He is a trooper, barely cried..  He's doing ok.. No surgery so that's good.  It was interesting trying to entertain the parents and deal with that..  Hope today goes a little better.  :)  Hope you have a great day.. Here is what you missed on today's show.


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q; A new survey says that only around 30% of us here in the U.S. have seen this in person. 

A; The Hollywood sign


Bonehead Of The Day

A man in Albuquerque, New Mexico was arrested for taking a bath in a stranger's home.

A woman and her daughters returned to their home to find the man half-naked in their tub.

The woman told police that he asked her not to call the police and offered her money before fleeing the house. He was later arrested.




For The Ladies:  9 Tricks To Speed Up Your Morning Beauty Routine

1. Shower at Night--You'd be surprised how much time you can save by getting your shower out of the way the night before. If skipping your morning shower is out of the question, think about not washing your hair instead. Bedhead and messy updos are in, anyway.

2. Use Dry Shampoo--Skip washing your hair with these sprays that mask oil, dirt, and odor on dirty hair. Look for powdery sprays that also add volume to make it seem like you've just had a blowout.

3. Style While You Sleep--Get ready the night before. That way, when you wake up in the morning, you have perfect no-fuss waves.

4. Organize Your Beauty Cabinet--A five-minute face is doable, if you keep your beauty products organized. Knowing exactly where everything is will speed up your routine and cut your time almost in half. Use vintage jars for brushes, pencils, and mascaras and try trays for stacking compacts and lipsticks.

5. Save Time With Two-in-One Products--Edit your makeup bag by choosing products that multitask. A CC cream that conceals, protects, and moisturizes your skin; a cheek and lip tint; an eyelash tint that thickens your lashes to look like you have eyeliner on; and an eye shadow stick that doubles as a liner and shadow will all help cut steps and speed up your routine.

6. Use Red Lipstick--Red lipstick might be the ultimate glamour statement, but it's also a go-to for girls. Consider red lipstick for those days when you just don't have the time for anything else.

7. Invest in Tinted Lash Treatments--If you're the kind of woman who can't leave the house without mascara, consider getting your lashes and brows tinted. Lashes will appear fuller, darker, and longer-just like they have mascara on them-while brows will appear more groomed and shaped.

8. Save Time with Waxing--Shave off a few minutes by switching to a razor with its own built-in lubrication. Or, consider getting your legs waxed during skirt season. The effects will last up to a few months.

9. Multitask Your Skincare--Skip the multiple steps it takes to apply lotion, SPF, and perfume, and instead reach for a product that takes care of these needs all at once.





~~Actor Chris O'Donnell ("NCIS: Los Angeles") is 43. (Scent of a Woman; Batman Forever; Batman & Robin)
~~Actor Nick Offerman ("Parks and Recreation") is 43.
~~Actor Jason Schwartzman ("Slackers," ''Rushmore") is 33.
~~Actress Jennette McCurdy ("iCarly") is 21.

~~Actress Aubrey Plaza ("Parks and Recreation") is 29

~~Actor Gedde Watanabe ("ER," ''Sixteen Candles") is 58. 
~~NY Yankees All-Star, Derek Jeter is 39
~~NFL QB, Michael Vick is 33 
~~NFL analyst, Shannon Sharpe is 45
~~Singer Chris Isaak is 57.
~~Singer/producer, Ryan Tedder (of OneRepublic) is 34.
~~Singer Patty Smyth is 56.  (Scandal; solo)
~~Musician Mick Jones (of The Clash) is 58.
~~Country singer Gretchen Wilson is 39


Woman Drank Only Soda For 16 Years.. Yeah She Has Health Problems

A 31-year old woman (in Monaco) was suffering from heart problems and fainting so she went to the doctor, who told her that her problems might have something to do with the fact that she drank only soda for about half her life.

A blood test showed she had severely low potassium levels. And a test of her heart's electrical activity revealed she had a condition called long QT syndrome, which can cause erratic heart beats.

The woman didn't have a family history of heart or hormone problems, but she told her doctors that since the age of 15, she hadn't drank any water, just cola. She drank about 2 quarts of cola every day.

After avoiding soda for just one week, the woman's potassium levels and heart electrical activity returned to normal.


** Drinking too much cola can cause excess water to enter the bowels, which leads to diarrhea and loss of potassium. High amounts of caffeine can also increase urine production and decrease potassium reabsorption. Potassium plays a role in helping a person's heartbeat and low levels of potassium may cause heart rhythm problems. Excessive soda drinking can also lead to weight gain, which is a risk factor for heart disease.




Mexican Amusement Park Offers Fake Border Crossing Attraction

An amusement park in Mexico has a border crossing attraction. 

The attraction takes visitors through a fake US-Mexico border complete with fake smugglers and fake border patrol agents.

Officials at the amusement park say they hope the attraction dissuades people from crossing the border illegally. 




America's Smartest Cities Are:

Here are the Top 10 in Lumosity's Smartest Cities 2013... based on the site's database of users' performance on cognitive training exercises.

College towns are prevalent on the list, with Ithaca, N.Y.; State College Penn.; and Lafeyette, Ind., making up the three smartest cities. They are home to Cornell and Ithaca College; Penn State; and Purdue, respectively.


TOP 10:

Overall Ranking, Overall Score

1.  Lafayette IN  103.94
2. Charlottesville VA  103.62
3. Madison WI   103.40
4. Cedar Rapids-Waterloo-Iowa City & Dubuque IA  102.71
5. Johnstown- Altoona PA  102.62
6. Minneapolis- St. Paul MN  102.32
7. Rochester MN-Mason City IA-Austin MN   102.20
8.  Boston MA-Manchester NH   101.97
9. Des Moines-Ames IA  101.96
10.  Pittsburgh PA   101.91




Have You Lost Luggage On A Plane?  How About 1.2 Million Dollars In Cash?

Somebody stole $1.2 million dollars from a plane at JFK airport in New York.

The money was being transferred from Switzerland to the US and heading to the Federal Reserve.

$92 million dollars showed up safe and sound, but $1.2 million $100 bills were missing.

Authorities aren't sure if the cash was stolen before the flight took off or after it landed.

A forklift operator said there was a hole in one of the three crates of money big enough that an arm could fit in.




Video Of The Day:

Found this funny today.. Someone made a video to look like John Lennon is auditioning on the voice..  Pretty funny.