Happy Hump Day.. One day closer to that 3 day weekend!!  Any big plans for the 4th?  I think my family will be enjoying a cookout and maybe a trip to the pool or a movie.. Hope everyone has a great one.  Don't forget the big parade and mardi gras festival tomorrow!  Here's what you missed on today's show.


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q: 12% of peole have done this to a neighbor.  What is it?
A: Gone through their trash



Bonehead Of The Day:

SALINA, Kan., July 1 (UPI) --Kansas police were summoned to downtown Salina Monday afternoon after a man who was dressed as a Star Wars stormtrooper apparently looked like he was going to have people feeling the power of the dark side.

Christopher Burns, 27, was outside of a business shooting a video for a website. A veteran who was in the area mistook his plastic gun for an AK-47 rifle and the police were called while the business went into lock-down mode.

Police arrived and determined that Burns, aka "Stormtrooper Sam," did not pose a threat and let him go.

Burns was a little surprised at the reaction to his suit.

"Star Wars is such an iconic image, I was a little bit surprised that someone would see a stormtrooper and fear when you know it's been around since the '70s," Burns told KSAL. "They were really cool and as soon as I told them what I was doing they were really nice about it."

He posts photos of himself in the suit on Twitter and uploads Vine videos.

View image on Twitter
Bonehead Of The Day 2:
Herbert Foster had a pretty smart idea. He ran from cops during a traffic stop, which was dumb, but then made phony 9-1-1 calls to try and throw cops off his scent. The problem? They had dogs who sniffed out the man hiding nowhere near where he tried to send cops. Foster then took off again, but was spotted and shot down with a taser. The 31-year-old was charged with a drug offense, after cocaine was found on him. resisting an officer, and driving with a suspended license.
Doesn't Wine Stain Teeth?
Apparently, dentists across New York City have been offering up glasses of wine to help patients take the edge off. "It's an extra something that helps you dread the dentist a little less. I don't know why more places don't do it, quite frankly," said a 29-year-old longtime patient who asked that her name not be used. While a delicious idea, doesn't wine stain teeth?
Two Headed Alligator Discovered In Florida

Here's something straight out of your nightmares. So of course, this story comes from Florida. According to WTSP, there might be a two-headed alligator on the loose in Seminole Heights, Florida.

Justin Arnold posted a picture over the weekend of what he claims is a two headed alligator alongside the Hillsborough River's edge.

The site hasn't been able to verify the picture, but Arnold claims other people saw the unusual creature
Here's a link to the picture:
Trucker VS Cop.. Trucker Wins

When a man identified as Brian Miner uploaded a video to YouTube last week – who knew the slow online burn would catch fire like this. In the clip, Miner flags down an Illinois state trooper, allegedly because the officer was speeding and talking on his cellphone at the same time.

"You pulled me over with your horn,” the unidentified officer said. “I don't know what that was about.” Miner replied, "Because you were speeding and had your cellphone in your hand.” A little sternness between the men followed – along with mutual declarations of “you’re being recorded.” The officer then demanded Miner’s information and informed him of the intention to ticket him for “unlawful use of horn.”

Strangely enough, when the officer returns Miner’s papers…he had a change of heart and let him off. Justice at work – but was it because he believed Miner was right..or because he found out he was being recorded? You decide.






  • Yancy Butler (“The Mentalist,” “As the World Turns”) – 44
  • Lindsay Lohan (“The Parent Trap,” “Mean Girls”) – 28
  • Margot Robbie (“Vigilante,” “The Wolf of Wall Street”) – 24
  • Saul Rubinek  (“Unforgiven,” “Nixon”) – 66
  • Ashley Tisdale (“The Suite Life of Zack & Cody,” “High School Musical”) – 29
  • Polly Dean Holliday (Flo on the 1970s sitcom “Alice”) – 77
  • The late Ron Silver (narrated “Faran HYPE 9/11,” Blue Steel”) (1946-2009) …he would have been 68.



  • Michelle Branch – 31
  • Boomtown Rats’ Pete Briquette – 60
  • Huey Lewis and The News’ Johnny Colla – 62
  • Rapper Monie Love – 44
  • Bush’s Dave Parsons – 49
  • The late saxophonist Lee Allen (1927-1944) …he would have been 91.
  • The late Hispanic singer Jenni Rivera (1969-2012) …she would have been 45.



  • CNN “OutFront” host Erin Burnett – 38
  • Former Oakland As and New York Yankees outfielder and designated hitter Jose Canseco (FAST FACTS: While he hit 462 career home runs and was a six-time All-Star, admitted using performance enhancing drugs during his playing career, and in 2005 wrote a tell-all book, Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits & How Baseball Got Big, in which he claimed that the vast majority of MLB players use steroids.– 50
  • TV producer and writer Larry David (“Seinfeld,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm”) – 67
  • Model Jerry Hall (FAST FACTS: She is best known for her several-decades long relationship with Mick Jagger.) – 58
  • NASCAR driver Richard Petty (FAST FACTS: He won the Daytona 500 seven times over the course of his career.) – 77
  • Olympic figure skater and TV personality Johnny Weir – 30
  • The late Civil Rights leader Medgar Evers (FAST FACTS: He was the first field secretary for the Mississippi chapter of the NAACP. His murder trials resulted in two hung juries, causing outrage in the African American community.) (1925-1963) …he would have been 89.
  • The late Nobel Prize-winning poet Herman Hesse (“Siddhartha,” “The Glass Bead Game”) (1877-1962)
  • The late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall (FAST FACTS: He was the first African American U.S.  Supreme Court Justice.) (1908-1993)




Video Of The Day:

Celebrity impressionist Rob Cantor has an original song to share with you. It’s called “Perfect.” Do you think it is?