Hi ho, How is everybody today?  Rivercade's 50th parade happening today, we'll be throwing out the candy and beads, hope to see you there!  Here's what you missed on today's show


The Morning Brain Buster

Q: Humans start doing THIS at age 2. 

A: Fibbing, lying
Bonehead Of The Day:

A Texas doctor misread a test and accidentally diagnosed a woman with having Stage 4 terminal breast cancer.

She underwent surgery to remove a benign tumor from her left breast, but a month later her doctor gave her the cancer news and the mother of four gave away her belongings, arranged for a hospice worker to care for her at home, and even made out a bucket list.

The woman even underwent seven months of chemotherapy treatment and was placed on anxiety medications before she found out that she was cancer-free and didn't need to undergo the painful treatment after all.

As a result of the error, a jury has awarded her $367,500 in damages in a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor, although the liability limit is $250,000 per claim.

The doctor died in March of this year, so the damages will be awarded from his estate.

However, the woman says that no amount of money "is ever going to cover what I went through."



Beer Drinkers Beware!  Mosquitoes Love Beer Too

Beer drinkers beware. Mosquitoes love you.

Just a single 12-ounce bottle of beer can make you more attractive to them.

Drinking increases the amount of ethanol excreted in sweat and it increases body temperature, but neither of these things has anything to do with mosquitoes loving drinkers.

Scientists say blood type, metabolism and pregnancy status to the levels of exercise you do and carbon dioxide you emit all play roles.


** Mosquitoes can smell lactic acid and other substances in sweat and go for the higher temperature bodies. They also like Type O blood twice as much as Type A. And they're attracted to high levels of carbon dioxide and can smell the gas from 164 feet away.

That means people with larger frames and bigger bodies are more at risk for bites. That goes double for pregnant women. Mosquitoes bite women who are expecting about twice as many times as the general population.

** Also, genetics play a role and so does clothing. Mosquitoes use eyesight to scan their victims and so when they dress in black, dark blue and red, they see those better because they are colors contrary to nature.





Sad.. & Ironic..  Man Fullfills Lifelong Dream Of Owning A Harley, Dies 3 Miles Later

After wanting a Harley- Davidson motorcycle for over 4 decades, a 59-year-old man bought one and died 3 miles down the road.

His wife of 38 years didn't want him to have one, but he told her, "It's on my bucket list," and she finally relented.  

Before the man left the dealership, he snapped a quick photo of the new bike and posted it on Facebook with the caption, "44 years finally got one :)." 

He crashed into a tractor trailer while going around a curve, and he went under the trailer. 

They had two children, but his wife said she feels no anger or resentment at the cruel irony of the situation because he lived his life to the fullest and died living life to the fullest.

The coroner claims that the man felt no pain. 

His son said, "Dad went out with the biggest smile on his face.'"



Woman Gets Struck By Lightning At A Checkout Line

A woman was struck by lightning while she was at the check-out of a grocery store in Houma, Louisiana .

The 33-year-old woman was paying for her items when a flash of lightning hit her inside the store.

She received injuries to her left leg and right foot which appeared to be burn marks.

She was taken to a local hospital where she was treated and released.




~~Actor, David Hasselhoff is 61 (Young & the Restless' Dr. Snapper Foster, Baywatch's & Baywatch Nights' Mitch Bucannon)
~~Actor, Donald Sutherland is 78 (Kiefer's dad; MASH (1970 movie); The Italian Job; Pride & Prejudice; Ordinary People; The Hunger Games; many more)
~~TV Producer, Mark Burnett is 53 (Survivor; The Apprentice; Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?; 'The Bible'; many more)
~~British royalty, Camilla Parker-Bowles (Prince Charles' wife) is 66
~~Actress-singer Diahann Carroll is 78
~~Supermodel, Flavia de Oliveira is 29
~~Actress, Molly Parker is 41 (Neon Rider, Six Feet Under, Deadwood)
~~Motorcross star Carey Hart (Pink's hubby) is 38
~~Actor, Alex Winter ("Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure") is 48
~~Actress, Lucie Arnaz is 62 (The Jazz Singer; daughter of Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball)
~~Actor Andre Royo ("The Wire") is 45.
~~Actress Bitty Schram ("Monk") is 45.
~~Actor Mike Vogel ("The Help") is 34. (Cloverfield; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
~~Actor Brando Eaton ("Dexter") is 27


~~Guitarist Spencer Davis (of the Spencer Davis Group) is 71.
~~Bassist Geezer Butler (of Black Sabbath) is 64.
~~Drummer, Chet McCracken (Doobie Brothers) is 61
~~Bassist Fran Smith Jr. (of The Hooters) is 61.
~~Singer Regina Belle is 50.
~~Singer Jeremih is 26.
~~R&B singer Jarrett 'JC' Cordes (of PM Dawn) is 42.
~~Singer, Stokley Williams (Mint Condition) is 46
~~Christian singer Susan Ashton is 46.
~~Country singer Luke Bryan is 37.


Sleep & Beat The Heat..  Put Your Pillow In The Fridge!

A sleep expert says putting your pillow in the fridge is one way to help you sleep better during the hot summer nights. 

The expert says the body normally releases heat through hands, face and feet around the time of sleep onset-- and usually continues to cool until around 4 a.m.

He says wearing loose-fitting nightclothes in cotton or silk could be more effective than sleeping naked because natural fibers wipe away moisture from your skin.

The expert also says to make sure there is good air circulation in your bedroom, and during the hot summer days keep the blinds down in your room so it doesn't get too hot. 



Dishsoap Dumped Into Waterfall.. Cue The Insanity!

Someone dumped a few bottles of dish soap into a waterfall in Florida.

The prank sent car-sized chunks of bubbles onto a road where drivers had to swerve or slow down to dodge the foam.

The prank could prove to be costly. It will cost a few hundred dollars to drain, scrub and repair the damage to the waterfall and streets.

Police are looking for the pranksters.



2nd Bonehead Of The Day

A woman from Vero Beach, FL was pulled over for DUI -- and then asked officers to dance.

Cops pulled her over after she almost rammed into their squad car. When an officer asked the 44-year-old how she was doing she said, "I'm awesome."

She reeked like booze and was obviously hammered. She told the cop her address was "53" and that she had lived there "for a minute." 

She told the cop she had only drank three beers and when doing the field sobriety test she asked if they "were going to dance."

The cop said no and arrested her for DUI.



Video Of The Day:

So while you wait for the sequel to Sharknado.. You may enjoy this..  Ghost Shark..  LOL