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The Morning Brain Buster:

Q.   The Average cost for this in the US last year was just over $28,000. What?

A.   A Wedding Reception!


Bonehead Of The Day:

A St. Tammany Parish, LA man called 911 because he ‘needed a woman.'

The cop who showed up ended up running his info and found out he was a non-compliant sex offender. He hadn't told authorities he had moved.

He was taken to jail and arrested on failure to register for a change of address.



No More Free Internet

Don't get too used to your Internet content being free. Yesterday, a Federal Appeals court made a historic decision about net neutrality, or the idea that the information on the Internet should be free.

The courts struck down a decision that the FCC had made that was meant to make sure that the companies that provide our Internet access were not able to prioritize certain websites over others.

Now that the court has overturned that rule, our Internet service providers can give us a la carte Internet. Meaning, want to watch that streaming video on YouTube, Netflix or Hulu? That's $5 on your plan. How about HBO? That'll be another $5.

According to Verizon, the company that brought this case to the court against the FCC, they will not be starting this tiered subscription service - not yet, anyhow.

The FCC may bring the issue back to court again for another ruling.



Smart Dash Board That Will Help You Never Have To Stop At A Stoplight Again

Audi is developing a smart dashboard that will let people know when a red light is coming up.

The German automaker is testing a system known as "Traffic Light Assist" shows drivers exactly how far they are from the next red light.   The goal is to help time drives to minimize stopping.

The display in the dashboard in front of driver shows a traffic light icon with a countdown timer that reads the number of seconds before a light changes from red to green.

The system is linked into a city's electronic traffic light network and can even take into account lane changes.




Google Wants To Put Ads On Your Refrigerators Someday:

Google could one day put ads on your refrigerator.

The Internet giant just purchased Nest for $3.2 million. Nest sells thermostats and other home appliances that are wired.

They also can predict future use just like how Google serves up online ads to consumers based on what they search for and what Web sites they visit.

Google can one day use this platform to put ads on your fridge.




Because We're Not Fat Enough..  A Deep Fried PB&J Burger With A Day's Worth Of Calories In One Bun

A Philadelphia restaurant, called PYT, is unveiling a deep-fried PB&J beef burger.

The sandwich consists of two deep fried kettle chip-coated PB&Js, one meat patty and strips of bacon and comes close to 2,000 calories.

By comparison, a McDonald's Big Mac is only 550 calories.


***The restaurant's past inventions include the 'Mini Krispy Kreme Burgers with Chocolate Covered Bacon', the 'Mac ‘N Cheese Burger' and the 'Spaghetti Burger', featuring a bun crafted entirely out of noodles.




So This Is Possible.  Dog Saves Woman With Heimlich Maneuver.

A guide dog in training is being called a hero after saving the life of a 61-year-old woman.

She was home alone when a chocolate candy got stuck in her windpipe.  She was unable to breathe when the 17 month-old German Shepherd/Retriever named Nell went up on her hind legs and jumped with her front legs on my chest and dislodged the candy.

The woman had been housing the dog since November, and believes that the dog saved her life.





~~Actress, Regina King is 43 (Boyz n the Hood; Poetic Justice; Enemy of the State; Ray; Friday; Jerry Maguire; Southland)
~~Actor, Chad Lowe is 46 (Pretty Little Liars; ER)
~~Entertainer, Charo is 63 ("cuchi-cuchi!")
~~Actor, James Nesbitt is 49 (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey; Waking Ned Devine)
~~Actor-Director, Mario Van Peebles is 57 (Baadasssss!; New Jack City; Ali; many more)
~~Actor, Eddie Cahill is 36 (CSI: NY; Miracle)
~~WWE star, Shane McMahon is 44


~~"DJ Jazzy Jeff" is 49 (of "DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince" with Will Smith)
~~Electronic musician Skrillex is 26.
~~Singer, Lisa Lisa is 48 (Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam)
~~Singer, Edward "Sonny" Bivins (of the Manhattans) is 72
~~Country Singer, Iris DeMent is 53
~~Country singer, David Lynn Jones is 64


Video Of The Day:

Today's feel good video comes from Vermont, where a blind 8th grade boy made a very important basket for his school's basketball game.

The boy, Alek Wolfe, is the manager for the team and provides the color commentary over the auditorium speakers. But for one special game, the coach turned and asked Alek to take the court. He told Alek that if he scored on the court the gymnasium would go absolutely crazy.

After a few tries Alek was able to sink a shot - and just like the coach said - the gym went crazy.

Alek hopes he'll be able to get another chance to try and score soon.