Good Morning!  Happy Hump Day!  Hope you have a great day!  We’re on the fast track to the weekend now, let’s hope today goes fast!  I have tomorrow off too, yay!  Here’s what you missed on today’s show.


The Morning Brainbuster


Q. Only around 5% of us have actually purchased this item of clothing, even though almost all of us have worn them.  What is it?


A.  Bowling Shoes



Bonehead Of The Day

A UK man took to Twitter to complain that his Domino's pizza was so hot that it burned him when he tried to make love to it.


Domino's tweeted back that he should contact their head office to talk about it.

The Twitter user got upset that they didn't inform people ahead of time about the dangers of getting freaky with their pizza.

Domino's apologized and said they'd try to figure out a way to notify people in the future.



Love At First Bike?  Woman Plans To Marry Her Bike

A woman posted a crowdfunding campaign, to help her marry her bike.

She also plans to travel for 6 months, work on service projects, and develop a "Semester on Cycle" college program.

According to her Indiegogo campaign — $85 gets you in the Bachelor Party, $1500 gets you a Nude Photo of the Bride, and $2K gets you a pic of the Bride Riding the Groom.

The wedding will be a modest luau affair and the honeymoon road trip will last as long as her resources hold out.

She will couch surf, camp, budget $20 a day and blog about all of her progress.


Couple Finds $10 Million In Rare Coins While Walking The Dog

A Northern California couple stumbled across $10 million in rare coins while out walking their dog.

The coins, in $5, $10, and $20 denominations are in nearly mint condition and were found buried in the shadow of a tree on the couple's property.

There are over 1,400 coins, stored in nearly chronological order dating back from 1847 to 1894.

Paper money was illegal in California until the 1870's so it's extremely rare to find any coins from before that of such high quality.  They were most likely buried just after they were minted back in the 1800's.

The face value of the gold coins is only about $27,000, but some are so rare they could go for a million dollars each.

The couple plans to remain anonymous and will sell most of the coins, pay off some debt, and donate to charities.



Hedgehogs Becoming Popular Pets

Hedgehogs have become a popular pet in American households, but they may be illegal in some states.

The New York municipal health code classifies hedgehogs as wild animals and unsuitable to keep in the home.

Some states like California and Maine also designated keeping them as pets illegal, but will sometimes issue a permit for educational purposes. Every state is different in how their laws are set up.

The hedgehog has seen a spike in popularity in recent years because of websites like Cute Emergency and Instagram accounts that show a "hedgie's" life.



Finally!  A Bacon Scented Scratch & Sniff T-Shirt

The LehighValley IronPigs of Minor League Baseball have unveiled a "Bacon Strip ‘Smell' Tee" that actually smells like bacon.

The shirt will maintain its pungent aroma "for up to 10-15 washes."

The IronPigs are based in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

The "Smell The Change" campaign gives IronPigs fans the chance to buy caps that feature a bacon strip logo and pants that are stitched with "bacon-style piping" down both legs.



Man Forced To Deliver His Own Baby After Doctor & Nurses Leave The Room

A Florida man had to deliver his own baby after the doctor and nurses left the delivery room to perform an emergency C-section.

The man's wife told the remaining nurse that the baby was coming and she couldn't hold it in anymore.  The nurse told her she had to wait because the C-section took priority over her birth and then left the room. The father kept calling for nurses. He eventually performed the delivery himself.

The baby and mother are doing fine.



Is Red Wine The Absolute Best Thing You Can Drink?  Possibly!

There are more signs that red wine could be a cure-all for humans. The latest study claims that red wine slows the spread of lung cancer.

Scientists looked at the effects of red and white wine on six culture plates that each contained millions of human lung cancer cells. The experiment was done four times to make sure the results weren't a fluke.

The plates that got treated with wine demonstrated "60 percent inhibition" of the cells. That means the wine dramatically lowered cancer cell growth.


What else might red wine be good for? Check this out:

1. Red wine may promote heart health--Studies show that a compound in red wine called resveratrol can function as an antioxidant, which would lower cholesterol levels and keep away blockage in heart vessels. That would lead to a lower risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.

2. It may reduce men's risk of developing prostate cancer--Research found that men who drank an average of four to seven glasses of red wine a week were half as likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer as those who didn't drink the stuff at all.

3. Drinking a bit of red wine on the regular could keep the blues away—A study found that people over 55 who drank a glass of alcohol a day were less likely to be depressed than those who drank more or less.

4. Even if you eat a ton, red wine might add years to your life--A study found that mice on a high-calorie diet lived longer when they consumed resveratrol.

5. It goes so well with your food--The Mediterranean Diet is one of the healthiest out there and is all about drinking a glass of red wine with dinner every night.




~~Actor, Mark Dacascos is 50 (Hawaii Five-O; Iron Chef America: The Series)
~~Actor, Bill Duke is 71 (Car Wash; Predator; many more)
~~Game show host, Tom Kennedy is 87 (The Price Is Right; more)
~~Actress, Marta Kristen is 69 (Norweigan, Lost in Space's Judy Robinson)
~~Actor Greg Germann ("Ally McBeal") is 56.
~~Actress Taylor Dooley ("The Adventures of Shark Boy and a Lava Girl in 3-D") is 21.
~~NFL legend Marshall Faulk is 41


~~Singer Corinne Bailey Rae is 35.
~~Singer Nate Ruess (of fun.) is 32.
~~Singer Mitch Ryder is 69.
~~Keyboardist Jonathan Cain (of Journey) is 64.
~~Singer Michael Bolton is
~~Bassist Tim Commerford (Audioslave, Rage Against the Machine) is 46.
~~Singer Erykah Badu is 43.
~~R&B singer Kyle Norman (of Jagged Edge) is 39.
~~Drummer Chris Culos (of O.A.R.) is 35.
~~Singer Fats Domino is 86
~~Guitarist Paul Cotton (of Poco) is 71.
~~Country Singer, Rodney Hayden is 34



Ghostbusters Sequel Still On!

The second "Ghostbusters" sequel is still a go, despite the death of Harold Ramis.

The actor/director was scheduled to make an appearance along with the other original Ghostbusters, Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd.

Sony insiders claim studio execs still want to make the film and they're sitting down with director Ivan Reitman this week to discuss how to proceed. Sources say the script will be 'revised'.

Filming is still set to start later this year.



Everything Old Is Eventually New Again.. Odd Couple Reboot Coming To TV


CBS has officially ordered Matthew Perry's remake of "The Odd Couple" to pilot.

The half-hour comedy will star the "Friends" alum as the messy Oscar Madison, roommate to neat freak Felix Ungar.



Hipster Wannabe’s Getting Facial Hair Transplants

More men are now getting beard transplants.

A plastic surgeon in New York City says that he treats about three beardless patients a week, up from just several a year. He removes healthy hair follicles from their heads and uses micro blades to re-insert them on the face.

He says the Brad Pitt scruff is one of the most common requests along with the Tom Selleck mustache.

The procedure lasts two to five hours and costs $7,000-$8,500.



4 Surprising Activites That Increase Happiness

A survey by Ally Bank asked more than a thousand people to find out what makes them happy. The survey found four factors that can contribute to a higher level of personal happiness.


1. Exercising regularly--Almost 60 percent of people said that taking part in a regular exercise program makes them feel happy. Exercise is a positive, helpful way to cope with stress. Studies show that exercise mimics the effects of antidepressants. It helps increase your energy levels and boosts your levels of endorphins and other feel-good chemicals in your brain. Taking part in a sport or exercise program can give you a sense of accomplishment and a good workout has also been shown to improve people's sleep patterns.

2. Enjoying your work--In America, work is not only the activity that takes up most of our time, it is a characteristic that is central to our lives and our sense of who we are. 68 percent of those polled said enjoying work increases overall happiness. Other studies have shown that Americans who feel they are successful at work are twice as likely to report that they are very happy compared to people who don't feel successful. Work can empower us to create value in our own lives and in the lives of others. The secret to finding happiness at work is to develop a sense of accomplishment and hopefully receive some recognition for your efforts.

3. Eating healthy--The foods we eat influence our brains. One key to improving your mood is to cut back on sugary and salty snacks in favor of nutritious alternatives. A study found that people who ate a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, vegetables, fish and whole grains had 30 percent fewer depressive symptoms than those who ate a typical American diet. Also, people who eat right are less likely to get sick, recover more easily if they do get sick and they are likely to live longer than people who are overweight or eat a poor diet.

4. Saving money--The showed that it's not how much you earn that makes you happy; it's how much you have left over. 84 percent of people said that saving for a rainy day makes them feel more secure and more in control of their lives and that leads to an overall sense of well-being. And the more you save, the more likely you are to be happy. 57 percent of people who had $100,000 or more in savings were extremely or very happy, compared to 42 percent of people who had $20,000 to $100,000 and 34 percent who had less than $20,000 to their name. A majority of the savers also said that adding to their retirement account or their regular savings account gave them a sense of accomplishment and made them feel more independent and even proud of themselves. 




13 Reasons You Like Your Pet Better Than Your BFF

1. You cut hang time short to go home and play with your pet.

Your friend can watch The Bachelor alone cuz you never really liked that show anyway.

2. You have triple the number of pet selfies than biffle selfies on your camera roll.

Your friend will just have to deal with it.

3. You gladly help your pet stay warm in the winter.

Your friend can bundle themselves.

4. You prefer to run with your pet.

Your friend just needs to slow their roll.

5. You have more nicknames for your pet.

Your friend will forever only be "babe."

6. You're NEVER "too busy" for quality pet time.

Your friend can be needy, so sometimes you need a mini friendcation.

7. You cook exquisite dinners for your pet.

Your friend can fend for themselves.

8. Your pets are always welcome in your bed.

Your friend may sleep on the couch if they MUST stay the night.

9. You'll happily pick up your pet's poo any time of day.

Your friend can um, yeah… go it alone.

10. You two even look uncannily alike.

Your friend is actually jealous of this fact.

11. Your pet wouldn't dream of talking your ear off about the stress of their boring job.

Your friend feels quite the opposite.

12. You spend more money on your pet for their birthday.

Your friend should just be appreciative that you made an appearance.

13. In fact, you love your pet more than your BFF because your pet IS your BFF!

You really only need a pet in this life.



Having More Sex Boosts Intelligence

According to a study… having sex can make you smarter.

Researchers found that when mice had sex it increased the creation of neurons located within an area of the brain that is responsible for the formation of long-term memory.

And they found stopping the mice from having sex led to a fall-off in their intelligence.



Video Of The Day


The reboot of "Godzilla" hits theaters on May 16.  "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston is featured prominently, in the main trailer.  Directed by "Monsters" helmer Gareth Edwards, the film also stars Elizabeth Olsen, Ken Watanabe, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Sally Hawkins and Juliette Binoche.