Good Morning!  Happy Hump Day!  I am a fan of Wednesday’s I don’t know why.. I guess it’s because I can see the weekend.  Here’s to a great day.. And now, what you missed on today’s show.


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q.   Doing this burns just under 400 calories per hour. What?

A.   Shoveling Snow!



Bonehead Of The Day:

An 84-year-old nun in Tennessee was sent to jail for three years for breaking into and defacing a storage bunker holding bomb-grade uranium.

The nun, along with two other activists cut through fences to reach the storage bunker. They painted messages, hung banners and threw blood on the bunker wall in protest.

The two men were sent to jail for five years each.

Officials at the plant said there was never any danger of the protestors reaching any materials that could have been detonated.



Candy Crush Is Bigger Than Twitter

If you're addicted to Candy Crush, this probably won't surprise you: in the month of December, the game had 98 million active players a day.

The game generated over $450 million for it's parent company, King, in that month alone. That's double the revenue that Twitter brought in during the month of December.

King has over 180 other games but Candy Crush accounts for over 75% of its revenue.

King is planning on going public.



This Guy Has Been Playing The Same Powerball Numbers For 20 Years, They Finally Pay Off

An Iowa man who only won $100 in 19 years of playing the same Powerball numbers has become a millionaire in his 20th year of sticking with them.

Robert Winburn won $1 million of the weekend's jackpot by matching five of the numbers.

Nobody won the weekend's $330 million jackpot so tonight's jackpot is expected to be around $400 million, and it will top $500 million on Saturday if it rolls over again.



Apparently It’s Legal In Florida For Teachers To Be Drunk On The Job

A teacher in Florida was suspended without pay for allegedly being so drunk in her middles school classroom that she could barely stand up. But she wasn't arrested or charged. That's because it is technically legal in Florida.

According to the State Attorney's Office in Okeechobee, it is not a criminal offense for a public school teacher to be drunk on the job.

The law says that a "teacher could be charged with child neglect or disorderly intoxication if that teacher is drunk and hurts someone or damages property." But the teacher was never given a breathalyzer or sobriety test.

The teacher is still at work, but parents of her class are trying to do something about it.



Customer Service!  Pants Forgotten In Minnesota Reach Groom In Costa Rica

A groom from Minnesota left his wedding pants in a dressing room before taking off for Costa Rica for his wedding.

He did NOT know his pants were missing until the owner reached to his bride via Facebook.

The clothier contacted FedEx, UPS and airline package services couldn't help so he put his 32-year-old daughter on a plane to hand-deliver the $500 tan gabardine suit pants.

After 11 hours of flying and a bumpy ride on back roads she reached the beachfront resort before the wedding and gave the groom his pants.




~~Actor, Jeff Daniels is 59 (Dumb and Dumber, Ragtime, 101 Dalmations, Trial and Error, Pleasantville, My Favorite Martian '99, The Squid and the Whale, Infamous, Space Chimps, The Answer Man; Good Night, and Good Luck; The Newsroom)
Benicio Del Toro
is 47 (Snatch; The Usual Suspects; Traffic; Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas; The Wolfman; more)
Haylie Duff
is 29 (Hillary's sister; "Napoleon Dynamite")
Justine Bateman
is 48 (Jason's siter; "Family Ties")
Victoria Justice
is 21 (Zoey 101; Fun Size; Victorious)
Carlin Glynn
("Sixteen Candles") is 74.
Michael Nader
("All My Children") is 69.
~~Talk-show host
Lorianne Crook
is 57.
Leslie David Baker
("The Office") is 56.
Bellamy Young ("Scandal") is 44.


is 51.
Tony Iommi
(of Black Sabbath) is 66
Smokey Robinson
is 74
Bobby Rogers
(of Smokey Robinson and the Miracles) is 74.
Daniel Adair
(of 3 Doors Down) is 39
Jon Fishman
(of Phish) is 49.
Dave Wakeling
(General Public, English Beat) is 58
Paul Dean
(Loverboy) is 68
Eddie Hardin
(Spencer Davis Group) is 65
Francis Buchholz
(Scorpions) is 60
Prince Marky D. (Fat Boys) is 46



The Dating Behavior That 95% Of People Say Is A Major Turn Off

A recent survey from found that almost all singles say they're turned off when their date is a picky eater.

The Singles in America report surveyed more than 5,300 singles about their thoughts on dating and 95 percent it's a pet peeve when someone is a picky eater.



Video Of The Day:

This guy came prepared with a sign at the Minnesota Gophers men's hockey game vs. Michigan on Friday, Feb. 14, 2014 at Mariucci Arena in Minneapolis, MN.