Good Morning!  Happy hump day!  Hope you have a great day.  And also R.I.P. to a childhood hero The Ultimate Warrior.  Can’t belive he’s gone.


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Q: 73% of women say men over 40 who do THIS look ridiculous.


A: Wear a ball cap backwards



Bonehead Of The Day:


From Fargo, North Dakota, comes the story of bozo Todd Raines who was fed up with clearing snow out of his front yard. It was his alternative method of snow blowing that got him in trouble. He obtained a flamethrower, referred to by the cops as a “high-powered fire-breathing weapon”, and went to work on the snow. Neighbors noticed a bright orange cloud and could hear what they termed “puff the magic dragon spewing mayhem all over hell” and called the cops. While the cops could understand our bozo’s frustration, his methods were illegal. He was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment.



Bonehead #2



Police in East Texas have arrested a woman after she called them to complain about the quality of the marijuana she had purchased from a dealer.


Lufkin police Sgt. David Casper said Monday that an officer went to the home of 37-year-old Evelyn Hamilton to hear her complaint that the dealer refused to return her money after she objected that the drug was substandard.


Casper says she pulled the small amount of marijuana from her bra when the officer asked if she still had it.


She was arrested Friday on a charge of possession of drug paraphernalia.




Cheese Factory Closed Over Workers’ Milk Bath


Health and safety officials in Russian have closed a cheesemaking factory after pictures were posted on Facebook of workers having a bath in a vat of milk.

One of the workers, Artem Romanov, 27, said it had been an impromptu act to celebrate the birthday of one of the men.

Another, Ruslan Ostanin, 26, said it was done: "So that we can show our customers how the wonderful cheese is being made."



Would Be Astronaut Puts Space Shuttle On Roof


A Chinese man who has dreamt of being an astronaut since childhood had built a replica of a US Space Shuttle on the roof of his home.


Meng Ni, 63, says that he quickly realised there was little hope of him realising his ambitions as he grew up in the village of Xiapu in Jiexi county, Guangdong province..


So he took up the family tradition of farming, and eventually made a fortune after selling his farmland to the government.


But he never gave up his dream, and after a lifetime building up a successful business, he has now used part of his fortune to erect a realistic copy of the Space Shuttle on his roof.


The rocket looks like a faithful replica and although it does not say NASA, it does include what looks like an American flag on its side.



Rob Ford Crackathon Game Setting Internet On Fire


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TORONTO, April 8 (UPI) -- A new online video game allows players to pick up marijuana leafs, crack pipes and bottles of booze while playing as a digital version of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.


The new online game, "Crackathon," is filled with real audio clips of Ford from interviews and press conferences and it challenges players to collect "party points" while at the same time keeping the mayor's "public opinion" from reaching zero.


Quotes spliced into the game include "I did absolutely nothing wrong," "Probably in one of my drunken stupors" and "Yes, I've bought marijuana."


Players who fail are met with a "YOU ARE IMPEACHED" message.


According to CBC News, University of Waterloo engineering students Nick Mostowich and Chris Ngan created the game at HackNY's annual spring Hackathon in less than 16 hours.


"There are bugs and it's not polished," Mostowich wrote a post on Reddit. "Particularly if screen sizes are small, you can spawn off the map. I'll fix it if I have time after work... Cheers and happy cracking!"


He added that the game is “not supposed to be taken seriously."




‘Noah’ Screening Canceled After Movie Theater Floods


EXETER, England, April 8 (UPI) -- It’s unclear if moviegoers entered the first screening of Noah at the Vue cinema in Exeter, England, two-by-two, but what is certain is that the theater had to cancel the movie because of flooding.


On Friday, when the blockbuster opened nationwide in England, Vue staff arrived and discovered there was “excess water” in the theater. As a result, the first showing of Noah at 12.15 p.m. was cancelled.


The Russell Crowe film is a variation of the Bible story about Noah’s Ark.


“We can confirm that there was flooding at Vue Exeter on Friday 4th April due to a fault with an ice machine,” a spokesman for Vue cinema told the Exeter Express & Echo. "We are open for business as usual and are working with engineers to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible.”


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magazine founder Hugh Hefner is 88.



Actor Dennis Quaid is 60.


Actress Cynthia Nixon is 48.


Singer Kevin Martin of Candlebox is 45.


Actress Keshia Knight Pulliam is 35.


Actor Jay Baruchel is 32.


Actress Leighton Meester is 28.


Singer-actor Jesse McCartney is 27.


Actress Kristen Stewart is 24.




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