Good Morning!  Oh here we go, back to work.. Hey at least it's a short week right?  Here's what you missed on today's show.

The Morning Brain Buster:

Q: According to Men's Health Magazine, men will spend an average of one month of their life doing THIS. 

A: Look for missing socks 


Bonehead Of The Day:

A New York sandwich shop has been playing Christmas music for weeks.

With summer temperatures near 90 degrees, diners were surprised to hear Christmas music playing-- and the store has reportedly received several complaints about the music.

Employees explained that the music is determined at the corporate office and played through ‘machines' or ‘boxes' they have no control over other than turn on or off.

Even the managers don't know what's going on, and have been forced to conduct business in silence or continue spreading holiday cheer.


Man Pays For Wedding With Comic Book

A 69-year-old Ohio man was worried about how to pay for his daughter's upcoming wedding, until he dug through his old comic book collection, and found a copy of Amazing Spider-Man No. 1, which he had bought for 12 cents back in 1963.

He put the comic up for auction online and made a cool $7,900 in profit, and now he's putting more of them to cover the wedding's expenses.

The big irony is that his daughter's birth was the reason that he stopped collecting comics in the first place.

They had become too expensive, and he no longer had the time to read them.


Record Breaking Gator

Over the weekend, a man in Ellisville, Mississippi harvested a female alligator weighing 295.3 pounds and measuring 10 feet, breaking both the heaviest and longest records for a female.

By mid-morning Sunday, a woman and her crew in Madison, Mississippi struggled for 1½ hours with an alligator that weighed in at 723.5 pounds, beating the state record for heaviest male by 26 pounds.

At the same time, another man and two partners reeled in a 727-pound gator after a four-hour struggle and took the title away.


A Wine A Day Linked To Lower Risk Of Depression

Drinking wine in moderation can lower the risk of depression. 

Researchers followed people between 55 and 80-years-old for seven years. The participants had never suffered from depression or had alcohol-related problems.


Those who drank moderate amounts of wine each week were less likely to suffer from depression.

And the lowest rates of depression were seen in those who drank two to seven small glasses of wine per week.



~~Actor, Charlie Sheen is 48 (Platoon, Wall Street, Eight Men Out, Young Guns, Major League, Money Talks; Martin Sheen's son, Emilio Estevez's brother; real name:Carlos Irwin Estevez, The Perfect Bounce, Two and a Half Men's Charlie Harper; Anger Management)
~~Actor Garrett Hedlund is 29. (TRON: Legacy;  Country Strong; Troy; Four Brothers)
~~Actress Paz de la Huerta ("Boardwalk Empire") is 29
~~Snowboarder Shaun White is 27
~~Actress, Irene Papas is 87 (Zorba the Greek, Attila The Hun)
~~Actress, Valerie Perrine is 70 (Miss Teschmacher in original Superman movies)
~~TV Host/comedian, John Fugelsang is 44
~~Actress, Ashley Jones is 37 ( In Plain Sight;  The Bold and the Beautiful)
~~Actress, Nichole Hiltz is 35 (Revenge;  It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia)
~~'Beetle Bailey' creator Mort Walker is 90.
~~Actress Anne Jackson is 88. (The Shining)        


~~Musician Redfoo (of LMFAO) is 38. (real name Stefan Gordy; Son of Motown founder Berry Gordy)
~~Singer-guitarist Al Jardine (of The Beach Boys) is 71.
~~Drummer Donald Brewer (of Grand Funk Railroad) is 65.
~~Guitarist Steve Jones (of the Sex Pistols) is 58.
~~Guitarist Todd Lewis (of The Toadies) is 48.
~~Musician, George Biondo is 68 (formerly of Steppenwolf)
~~Musician, Eric Bell (Thin Lizzy) is 66
~~Singer, Doug Pinnick is 63 (King's X)
~~Musician, Perry Bamonte is 53 (formerly of The Cure)
~~Singer, Jennifer Paige is 40


What You Went To See Over The Holiday Weekend:

"Lee Daniels' The Butler" edged out One Direction at the holiday box office. 

"One Direction: This is Us" was in first after three days but "The Butler" had a bigger Labor Day to overtake the documentary about the boy band.

The drama about the White House butler took in $20 million… it's the first movie this year to come in first for three consecutive weekends.

The One Direction movie came in second with $18 million while "We're the Millers" fell from second to third with $15.9 million. 

Top 10 Movies

1. Lee Daniels' The Butler, $20 million

2. One Direction: This is Us, $18 million

3. We're the Millers, $15.9 million

4. Planes, $10.6 million

5. Instructions Not Included, $10 million

6. Elysium: $8.3 million

7. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, $6.8 million

8. The World's End, $6 million

9. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, $6 million

10. Getaway, $5.5 million


New DVD's This Week:

Empire State (-R-)
Stars Dwayne Johnson, Nikki Reed     

The Iceman (-R-)
Stars Michael Shannon, Winona Ryder  

Now You See Me (PG-13)
Stars Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher

Cockneys vs. Zombies
Stars Michelle Ryan, Rasmus Hardiker     

The English Teacher (-R-)
Stars Julianne Moore, Michael Angarano     

From Up on Poppy Hill (PG)
Stars Sarah Bolger, Anton Yelchin     

TV on DVD:

Criminal Minds: Season 8
Haven: The Complete Third Season
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Complete Season 8    
The League: The Complete Season Four
The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Fourth Season
The Office: Season 9    
Parks & Recreation: Season Five
Person of Interest: The Complete Second Season
Revolution: The Complete First Season    
Scandal: The Complete Second Season


Tooth Fairy Inflation..  4 Bucks A Tooth!

A recent study has found that the average amount that the Tooth Fairy is paying for a tooth has risen to $4.

Parents, these days, want their kids to be able to brag when they compare with other kids on the playground about how much they got for their lost tooth.

Many parents ask their neighbors how much they give in order to decide what to leave. Some leave a little more for the first tooth a child loses and then less after that.

Of course there are big discrepancies - which parents might have to explain to their kids why their friend found $20 when they only found $3.


15% Of All Internet Traffic is Cat Related.

According to Friskies,  15% of all internet traffic is connected to cats. And internet traffic means big money.

A digital ad agency in Toronto produced a video about "catvertsing."


Women Selling Positive Pregnancy Tests on Craigslist

Women are selling their positive birth control tests on Craigslist... to other women.

That's right, whether you want to trick your boyfriend into feeling obligated to pop the question or trying to get revenge on someone, why not fake a pregnancy with the positive test to prove it.

For $20-$25 women in various states are advertising for the positive tests on Craigslist.

Women are also selling frozen breast milk and fertility drugs on Craigslist as well.


Video Of The Day:

Those signs that say "Watch Out for Falling Rocks" are apparently serious… at least in Taiwan.

After a huge rain storm, and a mud slide, a giant boulder came out of nowhere and crashed into the street. A guy with a dashcam caught the whole thing on video, Check it out: