Happy Tuesday.. T-2 days and counting til Thanksgiving!  YAY!  I love me some thanksgiving!  Hope everyone is able to enjoy it with family and friends.  Here's what you missed on today's show.


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q.   This happens over 100 times during an NFL game. What?

A.   A Commercial Plays!


Bonehead Of The Day:

A Boston-area Santa Claus is accused of groping an 18-year-old elf.

The 62-year-old Santa was arrested after the teenage elf photographer told cops he touched her inappropriately.

Santa denies it, but was arrested anyway.

He's been ordered not to work as Santa while he's out on bail. He's due back in court, ironically... on Christmas Eve.



6 Point Buck Enters Mans Living Room, Cue The Chaos!

A Chicago-area man got out of his shower to find a six-point buck inside his house.

The buck had crashed through a window and was bleeding and running all over the place when the guy grabbed a towel and hopped out of the shower.

The buck ended up smashing glass and destroying the house. At one point it even tried to mount the kitchen sink to get to the window above it.

While his wife locked herself in the bedroom and called 911, the man got out his best golf club and whacked the deer with it, breaking off an antler.

After 10 minutes he opened up the dining room window and the deer escaped.

The 71-year-old man cut his leg from all the glass, but otherwise will be just fine. The house is a total mess though.



Naked Fella From Georgia Arrested Walking To Miami

A naked man from Georgia was arrested walking to Miami.

Police saw the man strolling naked along the highway. He seemed confused but was able to tell officers he was on his way to Miami. He then explained that he had taken off his clothes while he was walking on the sidewalk.

An officer smelled alcohol.  That's when the 22-year-old man admitted he had drank cough syrup. He was arrested.



Woman Named Happy Thanksgiving & She'll Celebrate Her 43 Birthday On Yes.. Thanksgiving

A doctor in Minnesota was named Happy Thanksgiving Reynolds.

She said her "hippie" parents gave her the unusual name because (of course) she was born on Thanksgiving, 43 years ago.

Happy Thanksgiving Reynolds has learned to love her name, which she described as an "unintentional gift." She has gotten job interviews just because employers were curious to meet someone named Happy Thanksgiving.




~~Actor, Peter Facinelli is 40 (Fastlane;  "The Twilight Saga"'s Dr. Carlisle Cullen; divorcing Jennie Garth)
~~Impressionist Rich Little is 75.
~~Actress, Kristin Bauer van Straten ("True Blood") is 47
~~Actress, Garcelle Beauvais is 47 (Wild Wild West; Jamie Foxx Show; NYPD Blue)
~~Actor, Daniel Davis is 68 (Niles on "The Nanny")
~~Actress, Tammy Lynn Michaels (Melissa Etheridge's ex) is 39
~~Actress Jamie Rose ("Falcon Crest," ''St. Elsewhere") is 54.
~~Actress Maia Campbell ("In the House") is 37
~~Actress Jessica Bowman ("Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman") is 33.
~~Baseball analyst Harold Reynolds is 53
~~NFL legend Harry Carson is 60
~~Former NFL coach Art Shell is 67


~~Singer Tina Turner is 74
~~Singer Natasha Bedingfield is 32
~~Drummer Ben Wysocki (of The Fray) is 29
~~Bassist John McVie (of Fleetwood Mac) is 68
~~Singer Lil Fizz (of B2K) is 28
~~D.J. Khaled is 38
~~Singer Jean Terrell (replaced Diana Ross in the Supremes) is 69
~~Singer-guitarist Mike Gossin (of Gloriana



New On DVD

The Canyons (R)
Stars Lindsay Lohan, James Deen     

Getaway (PG-13)
Stars Ethan Hawke, Selena Gomez     

Jobs (PG-13)
Stars Ashton Kutcher

Killing Season (-R-)
Stars Robert De Niro, John Travolta     

Red 2 (PG-13)
Stars Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker     

The Watsons Go to Birmingham (PG)
Stars David Alan Grier, Anika Noni Rose

TV on DVD:

Boston Red Sox: 2013 World Series Champions Film    
Breaking Bad: The Final Season



Fans Not Happy About Brian Giffin Being Killed Off

Fans have begun to petition that Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane bring back character Brian Griffin after killing him off in Sunday's episode.

One petition on Change.org has gotten over 2,000 signatures to bring the character back.

There is also a Facebook page "R.I.P. Brian Griffin From Family Guy" that has over 100,000 likes.

In the episode Brian is run over by a car and killed. He was then replaced by another talking dog called, Vinnie.

Neither Macfarlane or FOX have commented on the petitions.



11 Signs Your Turning Into Your Parents

1. You've asked the question, ‘What songs do they do?' when a popular music act has been mentioned.

2. You've been known to buy shoes for comfort over style.

3. You've judged people based on what they're wearing.

4. You moan when the music is too loud in bars.

5. You think young men wear their pants too low.

6. You cry during TV ads and/or reality shows.

7. You sometimes remind your friends that it's cold outside and advise them how to dress accordingly.

8. You have a drawer just full of pills and medicines.

9. You're not afraid to complain in restaurants.

10. You can really appreciate the intricate genius of a pun.

11. You think the word ‘sexting' represents everything that's wrong with society these days.



Video Of The Day:

Over the weekend, Will Ferrell's "Anchorman" character, Ron Burgundy, covered the Roar of the Rings, Canada's Olympic Curling Trials, for TV broadcaster TSN in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The Roar of the Rings was a week-long event and Burgundy called live game action with the regular curling broadcaster.

A statement from Ron Burgundy said: "Marked by the gods of broadcasting and placed into this shimmering green sphere like a golden egg in hay, chosen like an unclean jackal by Noah himself, I accept your hallowed task and sing out with a battle cry worthy of your love and your wisdom. And that song is, ‘Winnipeg, get ready to paint the town Burgundy!'"