Wow, already the 20th of May..  Weather wise gonna feel like summer today!   Think a bbq is in order after my sons soccer game tonight!  Hope everyone has a great day!  Here's what you missed on today's show.


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q.   According to a new study, women are 4 times more likely to do this after (a BAD) Mother's Day. What?


A.   Have an Affair



Bonehead Of The Day:

Lonnie Hutton of Tennessee got himself in trouble by trying to make a rather unorthodox deposit at a bar ATM in Murfreesboro...

Hutton was arrested and charged with public intoxication after he allegedly tried to have sex with an ATM at the Boro Bar and Grill. The 49-year-old also attempted to have sex with a picnic table at the bar.

When officers arrived, they found Hutton "nude from the waist down, walking around the bar, thrusting his hips in the air" after his initial attempt with the ATM.

Officers took Hutton outside and sat him down at a picnic table, at which point he "exposed himself again and engaged in sexual intercourse with the wooden picnic table."

Police brought Hutton, who was slurring his words and wobbly on his feet, to Rutherford County Jail and booked him.



Drop Out Calls Bomb Threat

22-year-old Danielle Shea dropped out of school at Quinnipiac but bought a cap and gown and showed up to graduation this weekend. Why? Well her family didn't know she had dropped out and Shea was still collecting thousands of dollars in tuition money from her mom.

When her family, from Quincy, Massachusetts, didn't see her name on the graduation roster, Shea panicked and did what any normal rational person would: called in two bomb threats. According to NBC Connecticut, the 22-year-old called the university's public safety at at 5:38 p.m. on Sunday and said that there was a “bomb in the library” then called again 17 minutes later saying, “several bombs are on campus. You haven’t cleared out graduation. That’s not a good idea.” The school searched the library and found nothing but did decide to move the ceremony.

Local police and public safety were able to identify the telephone number from which the calls the originated and tracked down Shea. She was dressed in a cap and gown and later confessed to police. She was detained on a $20,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on May 30th.



Woman Puts Posters Up Of Cheating Husband

Gentlemen out there, be careful who you run out on. A Prestwich, England woman has been putting up signs around her neighborhood warning others of her supposedly lying and cheating "scumbag."

The poster has his picture, name, date of birth, and phone number along with the message "local lying cheating scumbag. Married, father of 2. Ran out on family and left a note to inform them." "Huffington Post" is reporting the man pictures denied the accusations, but refused to comment any further.

Reactions to the poster have been divided. “I think it’s hilarious. It serves him right if he’s left his wife like that, he shouldn’t just be allowed to get away with it," said local resident Carla Moore. “I doubt he’ll be happy about it, but so what? It’s the perfect revenge.” Kimberley Preston, however, isn't a fan. “I saw others having a laugh at it so I came over to have a look but I don’t find it very funny," said Kimberley Preston. "I don’t know why you’d want to air your dirty linen in public."



Pull Up Your Pants Or Else

In hindsight, a belt probably would have been a good idea. Andrew Gehring and Donovan Johnson, both 22, were at the Spartanburg, Pennsylvania Waffle House when security asked them to pull up their sagging pants.

Both men refused and according to The Smoking Gun, police were called at about 3:15am. While being questioned by the cops, Gehring and Johnson were throwing around profanities and being "belligerent." T

hey each told police they were just trying to have a good time and that they were graduating seniors from the nearby Wofford College. Apparently the cops didn't care, and the two were arrested.





  • John Billingsley ("Star Trek: Enterprise," “True Blood”) – 54
  • Dean Butler ("Little House on the Prairie") – 58
  • Mindy Cohn ("The Facts of Life," voice of Velma on “Scooby Doo”) (FAST FACT: She was discovered in high school by actress Charlotte Rae and the “Facts of Life” producers while they were conducting research for the show.) – 48
  • Tony Goldwyn (“Ghost,” Scandal”) – 53 
  • Timothy Olyphant (“Deadwood,” “Justified”) – 46
  • Bronson Pinchot (“Perfect Strangers”) – 55
  • Dave Thomas ("SCTV," one of the  “McKenzie Brothers”) – 65 
  • The late Jimmy Stewart (“The Philadelphia Story,” “It's A Wonderful Life,” “Rear Window,” “ Vertigo,” “The Man Who Knew Too Much” (1908 – 1997)



  • Cher – 68
  • Joe Cocker – 70
  • Busta Rhymes – 42
  • Semisonic’s Dan Wilson – 52
  • Jane Wiedlin – 56



  • TV personality Ted Allen (“Chopped”) – 48
  • The late entrepreneur Emile Berliner (He transferred music from Edison's cylinders onto flat spinning discs to create the gramophone) (1851 – 1929)



Addicted to Being Pregnant

Some women go to great lengths to avoid getting knocked up. Tara Sawyer is not one of those women. 

The 37-year-old British woman has given birth to seven children, four of whom are her own, and is at her happiest when she’s sporting a baby bump.  When she isn’t preggers, Tara feels empty and longs for a pregnancy – just not for an actual baby.  That makes sense – I love playing with them…I just don’t want to make anymore! But back to Tara, who has no plans to stop having babies for other people. In fact, despite the fact that she’s entitled to money for being a surrogate, she’s content purely with the 'thrill' and refuses to take any payment.  Seriously?  You should at least get paid for your troubles, girl!

“Surrogacy is very addictive,” said Tara. “It’s a huge rush from the moment the test comes back positive.  It’s an amazing feeling to hand over a child to someone who desperately wants it, and I feel at my best whilst pregnant.”

Tara, who previously worked supporting people with learning disabilities before becoming a full-time mother, started planning her next pregnancy just weeks after giving birth to twin boys in January, and hopes to be pregnant again by the end of the year. 

Surprisingly, Tara’s husband, Matt, is supportive of her decision to carry strangers’ children.  “He knew I was feeling broody for the pregnancy,” Tara offered. “And he knew that there was a hole that I needed to fill.”  Well, she’s fillin’ it, alright. 

Tara isn’t worried about the effects of pregnancy on her body, and says she is in better shape now than she was in her twenties. “I don’t even get stretch marks- it’s like I was made to have babies.  I won’t stop until my womb falls out.”  Umm…wow.  You go have fun with that.



Video Of The Day:

This past Sunday, a group of “Stormchasers” in Wyoming witnessed a “supercell thunderstorm” taking shape. And of course, they filmed it! If you're curious about the weather phenomenon, check out the National Weather Service’s explanation. In short, supercells are responsible for "for nearly all of the significant tornadoes produced in the U.S. and for most of the hailstones larger than golf ball size."