Good Morning!  Happy Tuesday!  Hope you’re not hung over from St. Patty’s day yesterday.  I’ll bet there is a lot of Corn Beef & Cabbage on sale today, maybe I’ll do that tonight for supper. 


Morning Brain Buster:

Q.   According to a new survey, 1 out of 10 Americans plan on getting rid of this within the next year. What?

A.   Cable!



Bonehead Of The Day


A man walking in downtown Kentucky shouted that he was drunk and told a cop he should be arrested.

The man said he drank too many beers and even put his hands behind his back to be handcuffed.

The cop said he could barely stand and was considered to be a danger to the public.

He was charged with alcohol intoxication.



Things Your Parents Call By The Wrong Name


Including...“Trader Jones”

“P.J. Chung’s”

“Chip-o-tay”Also “Chip-ol-tay” and “Chip-pot-lay.”

“The Facebook”

“Panero’s”“Tweeter”“You Tube Dot Com”“Bone-oh” (the singer)“Bread And Breakfast”

“Fifty Cents” (the rapper)



Would You Let Your Man Wear Meggings… Better Question..  Why Would Men Wear These?


Meggings are leggings for men and apparently they help men feel comfortable and look great.

Designers have created leggings just for men that they also hope are trendy and will be a staple in a fashion forward male’s closet this season. Meggings come in a bunch of different colors and designs that lean in the hipster direction.

Meggings retailers say they want men to feel liberated to wear any kinds of clothing that is comfortable for them.



App Lets You See How Clothes Will Fit Based On Items You Already Own


A new app helps you compare the clothes in your wardrobe with clothes online.

The free, Swedish app is called Virtusize and lets you lay the clothing item you’re looking at online on top of other items that you own in order to compare the sizing of the two and to give you a better idea of how the new item will fit.

You add your wardrobe to an online library by measuring all of your pieces.  Once they’re stored it can be incredibly helpful for your online shopping.

With sizes varying between retailers this will give you a more realistic understanding of how big pieces are and how easily they will fit you.



Sneaky Ways To Deal With Touchy Topics On A Date


Touchy topic #1: “Are you a workaholic/homebody/gym rat?”

How to ask it: “So what you have done lately for fun?”

Nobody hopes to be with a hermit or a workaholic. But it can be hard to find out how your date spends his or her days without sounding like you’re judging. The solution? Ask dates to summarize a recent highlight from their daily routine. If your date draws a blank, then that could mean his or her social life is a little limited.

Touchy topic #2: “Are you serious about getting into a committed relationship anytime soon?”

How to ask it: “What do you enjoy most and least about dating?”

What you really want to know is: Are you a player, or are you serious about finding someone? But those are big conversation killers, so find out what kind of attitude the person has about the single life.  You’ll get the info you’re looking for if you ask about the present.

Touchy topic #3: “Why isn’t your ex moved out of your place yet?”

How to ask it: “So, do you see your ex much?”

There’s a big difference between, “We’re still hooking up long-distance while living five states apart” and “We just broke up yesterday and still live in the same home.” It’s smart for you to want to know the status of someone who’s on the rebound so you don’t get involved in someone else’s drama. How your date answers — both the info the person shares and the tone he or she uses — will tell you everything you need to know.

Touchy topic #4: “Why aren’t you working right now?”

How to ask it: “What are the career goals you’re working on at the moment?”

In today’s economy, it’s normal to meet people who are freelancing, between careers, or freshly laid off. But what if this person is not the kind to hold down a job…ever? The way to separate the slackers from those in transition is to “focus on the future and imply that the person is moving forward.” Avoid questions that start with “Why” because that makes people feel immediately defensive.

Touchy topic #5: “Do you want to get married someday/have kids?”

How to ask it: “I think there’s an epidemic going around — all of those celebrities who are getting married and/or pregnant!”

If you and your date have different ideas about marriage and family, there’s not much point in being together. Phrasing this as if you think there’s something in the water can work so well. It becomes a conversation, and you’ll be able to tell how a person feels by how he or she responds.

Touchy topic #6: “Do you rent or own?”

How to ask it: “What made you choose this neighborhood?”

You may be curious, but it’s hard to pull off this question without seeming like a gold digger. Asking about someone’s financial situation puts them on the defensive. Making it a question about the neighborhood can tell you about his or her personality and lifestyle.

Touchy topic #7: “Do you have a lot of friends, or are you a loner?”

How to ask it: “Where did you meet your closest friends? What do you do when you get together?”

Many super-social singles can’t imagine settling down with someone solitary and vice-versa. Focus on the positive and assume the person has a social network. If it comes out that he or she says there’s no time for friends, then that’s what you need to know. Another good solution is to ask where he or she met his or her closest buds, if it’s a mix of folks from grade school through current cubemates, you know you’ve got a likable, person; if it turns out most of his or her “friends” are really coworkers who have to spend time together, you can take that under consideration. If a person describes a wide variety of casual friends who hang out at the same club, you’ve gotten a good clue about what makes this person tick; if your date has two best friends, that reveals a lot of valuable information, too.





~~'Comedian'/actor, Dane Cook is 42 (Employee of the Month; My Best Friend's Girl; Dan In Real Life; Mr. Brooks)
~~Singer-actress Vanessa Williams is 51. (Desperate Housewives; Ugly Betty; Eraser; Shaft 2000; many more)
~~Actress, Lily Collins is 25 (daughter to drummer Phil Collins; movies The Blind Side; Mirror Mirror; Abduction)
~~"Dirty Jobs' producer/host Mike Rowe is 52 (Ford, Walmart commercials)
~~Actor, Kevin Dobson is 71 (Jack Shannon, Knots Landing, Bold & The Beautiful, Days of Our Lives)
~~Actress Danneel Ackles is 35 (wife of Jensen Ackles; movies Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay; One Tree Hill)
~~Actress, Sophia Myles is 34 (Tristan + Isolde; Underworld movies; Outlander)
~~Actor, Geoffrey Owens is 53 (The Cosby Show's Elvin Tibideaux)
~~Actor, Adam Pally is 32 (Happy Endings' Max Blum)
~~Actor, Brad Dourif (voice of Chucky, the murderous doll) is 64
~~Actress Sutton Foster ("Bunheads") is 39.
~~Former NFL star Andre Rison is 47
~~Former NFL star Curt Warner is 53



~~ Singer Adam Levine (of Maroon 5) is 35. ("The Voice")
~~Guitarist Jerry Cantrell (of Alice in Chains) is 48.
~~Singer Miki Berenyi (Lush) is 47.
~~Rapper-actress-talk show host Queen Latifah is 44. (Living Single; Bringing Down The House; Chicago; more)
~~Singer Irene Cara is 55. ("Fame")
~~Singers Evan and Jaron Lowenstein (of Evan and Jaron) are 40.
~~Singer Devin Lima (LFO) is 37
~~Drummer Daren Taylor (of Airborne Toxic Event) is 34.
~~John Hartman (co-founder and original drummer of the Doobie Brothers) is 64
~~Singer/musician,  John Elefante (Kansas) is 56
~~Singer/one-hit wonder, Rozalla is 50 (Everybody's Free)
~~Bassist, Stuart Zender (Jamiroquai) is 40

~~Singer Philip Sweet (of Little Big Town) is 40
~~Country singer Charley Pride is 76
~~Keyboardist Scott Saunders (of Sons of the Desert) is 50



The New Godzilla


New Godzilla toys reveal the look of the monster in the movie remake which will be released May 16.

Standing 24 inches tall and over 43 inches long, the Giant Size Godzilla figure from JAKKS Pacific is the largest on the market, and comes with 12 points of articulation (including a moving tail and mouth that opens in preparation for roaring, or perhaps some fire breath, depending on your imagination at the time).

The figure will be released to retailers across the U.S. close to the release of reboot for the movie franchise, but select Toys-R-Us stores across the country will be offering the figure as of this week with the suggested retail price of $44.99



Living On The Moon Within 50 Years



Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking says that we’ll have settlements on the moon ‘within 50 years’ and thinks people will be living on Mars by 2100.

Speaking at the Live from Space program, he said failing to colonize new planets could lead to the extinction of humans, because the Earth will eventually become overpopulated.

The 72-year-old said that this ‘century will go down, in the history of humankind, as the true Space age.’



Ophone Lets You Send Smells


The set to launch in July and offers the most sophisticated “smell messaging” ever created.

A scientist has teamed up with Paris perfumers Givaudan and baristas Café Coutume to create a menu of scents. An MIT electrical engineer designed containers for them that release when heated by the touch of a button, but cool quickly to keep smells distinct and localized.

The “oPhone” user can mix and match aromas and then send them as a message, which will be recreated on a fellow user's device. There will be up to 356 combinations available in the first wave and will go up to several thousand in the next year.

The first oPhones will be limited to a select community of coffee lovers. The launch on July 10th will also include the first olfactory social network. A free app will let anyone compose and send a smell note by text or email. The message can be received by any normal phone as a text. The recipient can then download the composition from hotspots which will be set up in the launch city of Boston.

The network will also include a public interface for people to trade tips and recipes, and store them in cloud software.



Woman Uses Twitter To Track Down Missed Connection


A New York City woman was sure she'd just met the guy she was meant to marry, but she didn't get his number- and she didn’t want to give up.

After meeting him on a recent plane flight and hitting it off, she had no last name or contact information and tweeted American Airlines for help.

Since they can’t give out customer information, the airline started the hashtag campaign #FindClauco, and against all odds she actually found him!

In the end, it wasn't her social media efforts but rather a friend who spotted the guy, and apparently things are going well for them.



Beat Up For Burping In Taco Bell


A Taco Bell customer in South Carolina hit another customer with a chair, grabbed his throat and tried to head butt him after the guy didn’t say “excuse me” after burping.

The victim and his friend were sitting in a booth eating when a man sitting with a woman asked the victim if he just belched without saying “excuse me.”

The angry guy walked over to where the victim was sitting, picked up a chair and hit the victim on the left elbow. The man then grabbed his throat and tried to head butt him.

A Taco Bell employee told the attacker he had to leave and he did. No one inside the restaurant was able to get his license plate number.

Police haven’t made any arrests.



Video Of The Day:


Anchors were on the air, live at KTLA in Los Angeles when an earthquake shook the city. One of the anchors’ face is undeniably the GREATEST earthquake face ever.