Good Morning!  Happy Tuesday.. How bout those storms last night?  Thoughts and prayers to those in Pilgner, NE who lost everything.  I'm sure some fundraisers will be coming soon to help them get back on their feet again.  I know I didn't get much sleep last night, hope today goes fast!  Here's what you missed last night!


The Morning Brain Buster:

Q.   According to a new study, almost 2 out of 3 moms say they're not as happy once this happens. What?

A.   Having a 2nd Child



Bonehead Of The Day:

We’ve had numerous stories of fake cops before but this one takes stupidity to a new level. From Weaver, Alabama, comes the story of bonehead Bobby Bates who shoved a pistol into his belt and grabbed a fake badge before walking into the City Hall. Once inside, he announced he would like to speak to the mayor. When he was told the mayor was not available, he whipped out a pair of handcuffs and said he was going to arrest him, adding that he worked for the FBI. Not a good idea. Cops still aren’t sure what he had against the mayor, but he’s been charged with felony impersonation of a police officer, making a terrorist threat and carrying a pistol without a permit.



Jet Blue Flight Crew Forces Kid To Pee Herself

JetBlue is apologizing to a mother after her daughter was denied use of an airplane bathroom.  According to CBS Boston, a flight was on the runway, at JFK Airport, when it got delayed on the tarmac, last week. About thirty minutes in to the delay, the three-year-old daughter of Massachusetts mom Jennifer Deveraux had to go to the potty. When mom tried to take her, a flight attendant ordered them back to their seats.

The girl ended up wetting herself on the seat. Even worse?  Her mother says the flight attendant yelled at her again when she stood up while trying to clean up the mess. “It was about bad human decency. My daughter was sitting in a pool of urine and I couldn’t do anything about it,” the disgusted mother said, as CBS Boston first reported. “And as a mom, it just broke my heart.”

It gets WORSE!  The flight attendants told the pilot a load of hogwash about a “noncompliant” passenger and needing to taxi back to the gate to be handed over to security.  That is, until a bunch of passengers – including off-duty pilot sitting near Devereaux - convinced the flight crew to let her stay. “I am so thankful for him and other passengers sticking up for my family’s defense,” Devereaux said. What did Jet Blue have to say for themselves? JetBlue offered Devereaux a $50 voucher and $5,000 toward the charity of her choice.  It also tweeted that the crew followed FAA rules regarding airplanes on the tarmac.



Chinese Man Dies From Watching The World Cup

The World Cup may be important to fans, but for one man, it turned deadly. A 25-year-old fan in Suzhou, China was found slumped over in front of his TV, dead over the weekend.

The man was taken to a hospital where doctors told "China Daily," his death was "linked to staying up late watching the games," but could be a combination of factors. Exhaustion of a heart attack may also have lead to the man's death.

Due to the time difference between Brazil and China, the games broadcast in the middle of the night. Doctors are now warning Chinese fans to be "cautious of their health" while staying up to watch the games. 

Source: "China Daily"



Robbers Use Fake Guns To Rob Gun Store

Shouldn't gun store employees be able to spot a fake? When three masked robbers walked into Hiram's Guns & Spirits near San Diego, California, they new the drill. One held the employee at gunpoint while the other two smashed a display case and grabbed several guns.

The real issue? The gun used in the robbery was fake, a replica. Police ended up cornering the car full of criminals and found the stolen handguns, replica gun, and masks.

All three face felony charges of armed robbery and conspiracy to commit armed robbery, according to NBC San Diego. The driver, 20-year-old Mukeon D. Menefee, is also charged with felony evasion and 14 other counts. The other two crafty criminals are minors. 

Source: NBC San Diego





  • Scott Adkins (“The Expendables 2,” “The Bourne Ultimatum”) – 38
  • Thomas Haden Church (“Sideways,” “Spider Man 3”) – 54
  • Arthur Darville (“Dr. Who,” “Robin Hood”) – 32
  • Actor/comedian Will Forte (“Saturday Night Live,” “30 Rock”) – 44
  • Greg Kinnear (“You’ve Got Mail,” “The Last Song”) – 51
  • Joshua Leonard (“The Blair Witch Project”) – 39
  • Mark Linn-Baker (“Perfect Strangers”) – 60
  • William Lucking (“Sons of Anarchy,” “The A-Team”) – 73
  • Jason Patric (“The Lost Boys,” “The Outsider”) – 48 (FAST FACTS: His paternal grandfather was Jackie Gleason, the star of the sitcom “The Honeymooners.”)
  • Erin Murphy (“Bewitched’s” Tabitha Stephens) – 50



  • Kendrick Lamar – 27
  • Barry Manilow – 71
  • Paulina Rubio (FAST FACTS: She was also judge on season three of “The X Factor.”) – 43
  • Color Me Badd’s Kevin Thornton – 45
  • Paul Young – 58
  • The late composer Igor Stravinsky  (FAST FACTS: His parents wanted him to be a lawyer but was convinced by the great Russian composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov to pursue a career in music.) (1882-1971)



  • Fashion designer Tory Burch – 48
  • Politician, former Speaker of the House and former candidate for President of the United States Newt Gingrich – 71
  • Australian swimmer and Olympian Stephanie Rice (She won three gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.) – 26
  • Tennis great Venus Williams (FAST FACTS: She won the Australian Open and French Open singles competition in 1998 and was the first black woman to become World Number One. She became one of the first three female tennis players to reach the finals of all four grand slams along with her younger sister Serena and Maria Sharapova.) – 34



Video Of The Day:

Professional sports players aren’t strangers to criticism – but now they have to deal with it on the Internet. And thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, we get to laugh at it.