Good Morning!  Happy Tuesday!  Hope your day is as awesome as the weather is supposed to be today..  Enjoy!  I think a grill out is in order!  So here's what you missed on today's show.

The Morning Brain Buster:

Q:  Around 30 years ago, the average girl had just over 5 of these.  What?

A; Teen heartthrob posters 


Bonehead Of The Day

A Houston dad is in trouble after his car got towed with his two kids inside.

He parked his car in a no parking zone briefly so he could unload his groceries. He left his two young daughters inside the car while he unloaded.

A tow truck driver latched onto the car and took off with the kids still inside. A neighbor saw it happening and ran out after the driver yelling that there were kids in the car.

The driver noticed them a few miles down the road and pulled over.

The father was charged with 'abandoning a child' because he left them without supervision.


How Weird Would It Be To ComeHome To A 7 Foot Tall KFC Bucket in Your yard?

A Georgia family came home to find a 7-foot tall Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket in their yard and nobody has any idea where it came from.

Mom was driving by on the highway, saw the giant bucket in her front yard, and called her kids who were home to make sure she wasn't hallucinating.

They went outside and verified there really was a 7-foot tall Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket in the front yard.

Mom laughed it off and even took pictures and posted them online. She said she'd bring chicken to the next potluck.

It's already become a popular landmark with folks stopping by to take pictures. The family wants to make a "meal" of it and "get giant mashed potatoes next to it."

It turns out the owner of the property is a sign collector and he bought it and dropped it off. He plans to mount it on a pole so everyone can see it.

The mom says she's not mad that her landlord did it, it just makes her house easier to find.

The bucket is so old it doesn't say KFC on it, it says Kentucky Fried Chicken


Latest Bigfoot Sighting

A couple hiking in Canada claims to have video of Bigfoot.

The couple took a photo and recorded a 25 second video of the creature walking. It has been viewed over 50,000 times on youtube.


** A veterinarian from Texas said earlier this month she had DNA from a Sasquatch but that turned out to be wrong. The DNA belonged to an opossum.


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Feeling Lucky?  Powerball Jackpot Over 200 Million!

The Powerball jackpot is now up to $235 million.

Nobody matched the five numbers and the Powerball number over the weekend so it carries over to Wednesday's drawing. 

Four players including one in New Jersey and one in Kansas matched the first five numbers on Saturday winning them $1 million each.


Fat Camp For Pets?

There are now fat camps for pets, to help them lose weight.

At the camps, the dogs run on a treadmill, swim in a pool and run stairs with a trainer while staff members are on hand to motivate them

They even do weigh-ins so they are able to monitor their progress


Grumpy Cat Gets A Coffee Brand To Go With Her Movie

"Grumpy Cat," the viral Youtube star, has now has a new premium coffee beverage set to hit the market.

The drink is called the Grumppuccino, and it will come in three flavors- coffee, mocha and vanilla. 

It will be sold in stores and online come this fall, and features Grumpy Cat's mega-famous mug on its bottles.

The caffeinated drink is just another career accomplishment for the cat (real name: Tardar Sauce), who landed a movie deal earlier this year after starring in a series of webisodes for Friskies.



~~Actor/Former CA Governor/Bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger is 66 (Mr. Olympia 7x; Austrian; Conan the Barbarian, Commando, Total Recall, Kindergarten Cop, Red Sonja, Raw Deal, Running Man, The Terminator I & II & III, Predator, Twins, Last Action Hero; Maria Shriver's hubby; Chairman of Presidents Council on Physical Fitness & Sports, True Lies, Eraser, Batman and Robin's Mr. Freeze, Jingle All The Way, End of Days, The 6th Day; The Expendables 2)
~~Actress, Hillary Swank is 39 (Next Karate Kid, 90210's Carly Reynolds 97-98, Boys Don't Cry, Million Dollar Baby; Insomnia, The Core, Freedom Writers, P.S. I Love You; Conviction; The Resident;  Amelia)
~~Actor, Simon Baker ("The Mentalist") is 44 (The Guardian)
~~Actor, Laurence Fishburne is 52 (The Matrix movies; Apocalypse Now; Mystic River; CSI; Man of Steel; TV's Hannibal)
~~Actress, Vivica A. Fox is 49 (Generations' Maya, Young & the Restless' Stephanie Simmons; Independence Day, Batman and Robin, Booty Call, Why Do Fools Fall in Love;  Kill Bill: Vol. 1)
~~Actress, Lisa Kudrow is 50 (Friends' Phoebe Buffay, Mad About You's Ursula Buffay, Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, Hanging Up, Lucky Numbers, Marci X, Hotel For Dogs;  Analyze This/That)
~~Actress, Christine Taylor is 42 (The Brady Bunch Movie's Marcia, Wedding Singer; Zoolander; Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story; Ben Stiller's wife)
~~Writer/Director Christopher Nolan ("Batman Begins", "The Dark Knight" movies) is 43 (Inception; Memento)
~~Actress, Yvonne Strahovski ("Chuck") is 31 (Dexter; Gone)
~~Actress Jamie Pressley ("My Name Is Earl") is 36 (Not Another Teen Movie; I Love You, Man
~~Actor, William Atherton ("Die Hard"; "Ghostbusters") is 66 (The Last Samurai)
~~Movie Producer, Peter Bogdanovich is 74 ( The Last Picture Show; What's Up Doc; Paper Moon; many more)
~~Actor, Richard Burgi ( Desperate Housewives' Karl Mayer) is 55
~~Actress, Delta Burke is 57 (Designing Women)
~~Actor, Edd Byrnes ("Grease") is 80 (77 Sunset Strip)
~~Actor, Terry Crews is 45 (Everybody Hates Chris; Bridesmaids; The Expendables)
~~Actress, April Bowlby ("Drop Dead Diva") is 33
~~Actor/comedian, Tom Green is 42 (The Tom Green Show; Superstar;  Freddy Got Fingered)
~~Singer/actor,  Frank Stallone (Sly's brother) is 63
~~Actress, Jean Reno is 65 (Léon: The Professional; Godzilla 1998; Ronin; The Da Vinci Code)
~~MLB Commissioner, Allan H. "Bud" Selig is 79
~~Actor, Damon Wayans Jr. is 31 (My Wife and Kids;  Happy Endings; The Other Guys)
~~Actor, Martin Starr ("Knocked Up"; "Superbad") is 31 (Adventureland)
~~Soccer star Hope Solo is 32
~~Gold-medal wining volleyball star Misty May-Treanor is 36


~~Singer, Kate Bush is 55
~~Musician,  Buddy Guy is 77
~~Musician,  Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond (Jethro Tull) is 67
~~Singer,  Paul Anka is 72
~~Musician,  Andy Scott (Sweet) is 64
~~Jazz legend, David Sanborn is 68
~~Jazz Singer, Kevin Mahogany is 55
~~Singer,  Seth Avett (The Avett Brothers) is 33
~~Country Singer, Neal McCoy is 52
~~Musician,  Dwayne O'Brien (Little Texas) is 49


Hardcore Porn Novels Are The Rage..  With Women

Thanks to the Kindle, hardcore porn novels have sky rocketed in popularity.

With the Kindle, nobody sees your book cover, so you can read all the filth you want, without getting judged.

After the success of "Fifty Shades of Grey" women are no longer feeling ashamed to venture into the world of erotic fiction - especially if they can enjoy it without the world knowing.

Thanks to Amazon's self-publishing service more and more writers are able to put erotic fiction on the electronic shelves making the industry boom from producers to consumers.

One writer says the best thing about buying porn on your kindle is avoiding the sneers from women working the counter when she used to buy old school paperback erotic fiction from stores.


Confirmed!  We're Working Less & Complaining More

A new report shows that Americans are working far less now than they did a generation ago.

The average work week has gone from over 38 hours in 1964 to under 34 hours in 2013 -- a drop of nearly 12%.

A big reason for the decline is the growth in part-time jobs, which have surged as more women entered the workforce and the number of businesses that hire part-time workers has exploded. 

Another explanation is that people tend to stay in school longer and retire earlier, clocking fewer hours over their lifetime. 

For example, men in their 50s have been retiring or entering semi-retirement earlier and in greater numbers than those in previous generations. 



** Along with the shorter work week, there has been a rise in leisure time.

Americans reported having just under 35 hours a week of "free time" in 1965, and that rose to 42 hours by 2012.

Free time is time that is not spent at work, doing housework, eating, sleeping or doing other activities necessary for day-to-day survival.


** Plus, thanks to modern technology, the time we spend on housework and cooking is declining as well.

However, we spend many of those extra hours watching more TV.


Never Say Goodbye!  Turn Your Dead Relatives Into Playable Records

A British company will take your ashes and press them into custom records that relatives can play on their stereos.

And Vinyly offers several package deals, starting with a basic run of 30 LPs at around $4,600. After cremation, the ashes are sent to a record pressing plant, where they get mixed into the vinyl pellets used to press the discs

Apparently, the biggest problem customers have run into isdeciding which musical selections they want to be immortalized as. 

QUESTION: Which song would you choose?


New App Will Let You Share Your Left Overs With Strangers

There's a new smartphone app called "Leftover Swap" that will allow you to eat the leftover meals of perfect strangers. 

The app's founder admits that some people cringe when they hear about it, but he says, "For as many people that seemingly have a problem it, there are people who love the idea."

This is how it works:

A user takes a photo of their leftovers and posts it to the app's database. 

Then, someone in the nearby area will have a chance to offer them a trade for the food or just take it off of their hands.

The app's owners aren't sure how to make money from it yet, but for now, they are willing to consider it as a way of doing good and reducing the amount of food waste on the planet.

The app should be ready to launch as a free download by the end of August.


Video Of The Day:

Today's video is the trailer for the latest Hunger Games movie called Catching Fire.. Check it out!