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The Morning Brain Buster:

According to Women's Health, the average woman eats 4 to 9 lbs. of this in her lifetime - what is it?


Bonehead Of The Day

A Florida day care teacher was fired for putting out a fire at her school.

While her students were napping she smelled something burning and went to check it out.  She saw a fire in the oven and tried to put it out.

The fire alarm went off, so she ran back to her room, woke the kids up, and got them outside safely. All the other teachers did the same thing.

She went back inside to make sure everyone got out safely and saw it was just a fire contained to the stove.

She grabbed a fire extinguisher and put it out.

After the fire department came to the school and deemed it safe to re-enter, she was fired.


Because she left the room… even though the children were sleeping, the "teachers are supposed to be there."

The school is standing behind their decision to fire her.


Get Ready For State Fair Food.. MMMMMM

The Iowa State fair has announced 10 new items to join their already decadent list of foods you can get on…and off…a stick:

1-Caramel Apple Funnel Cake
2-Strawberry funnel cake
3-Maple Bacon Funnel Cake
4-Jalepeno Cheese Corndog
5-Fresh Tenderloin Sandwich
6-Bratwurst on a pretzel bun
7-Cajun flavored Cheese curds
8-Deep fried prairie Oysters
9-Fresh Wood oven pizza's
10-Graham Champion Fair Square

These join eight other items including shrimp corn dogs, bacon wrapped riblets, deep fried brownies, and more, debuting at the fair in just over two weeks.


Spinal Tap Planning Come Back!

Comedy rock act Spinal Tap are planning a comeback in 2014.

Co-founder Christopher Guest, aka guitarist Nigel Tufnel, says he and bandmates Harry Shearer and Michael McKean (aka, David St. Hubbins and Derek Smalls) are "in the midst of talking about something for next year".



~~Actor, Woody Harrelson is 52 (Cheers; Money Train, The People vs. Larry Flynt, Natural Born Killers; Palmetto, Thin Red Line, EDtv, After the Sunset, Seven Pounds;, No Country for Old Men; Zombieland; The Hunger Games movies)
~~Actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman is 46 (Boogie Nights;  The Big Lebowski; Mission: Impossible III; Doubt; The Ides of March; Moneyball; many more)
~~Actor, Daniel Radcliffe is 24 (Harry Potter movies)
~~Actor-comedian Marlon Wayans ("The Wayans Brothers") is 41. (Shawn, Kim, Keenen, & Damon's brother; In Living Color, Mo' Money, Scary Movie 1 and 2, White Chicks, Little Man)
~~Actor Paul Wesley ("The Vampire Diaries") is 31.
~~Actress, Charisma Carpenter is 43 (Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel; The Expendables;  The Lying Game)
~~Model Stephanie Seymour is 45.
~~infamous White House 'intern', Monica Lewinsky is 40
~~Actress, Lydia Cornell (hot blonde on "Too Close For Comfort") is 60
~~Actor, Ronny Cox is 75 (Deliverance; RoboCop; Beverly Hills Cop)
~~Actress, Gloria DeHaven is 88 (As the World Turns; Out to Sea; Summer Stock)
~~Talk show host, Don Imus is 73
~~Actor, Eriq La Salle ("E.R.") is 51 (One Life to Live)
~~Actress, Stephanie March ("Law & Order: Special Victims Unit") is 39
~~Actor, Shane McRae is 36 (One Life to Live's Paul Cramer; The Help)
~~Actor Larry Manetti ("Magnum, P.I.") is 66.
~~Actress Belinda Montgomery ("Doogie Howser, MD") is 63. (Tron: Legacy)
~~Actress Edie McClurg ("Ferris Bueller's Day Off") is 62. (The Life & Times of Tim)
~~Former NBA star, Gary Payton is 45
~~Baseball analyst, Nomar Garciaparra is 40


~~Guitarist Slash (of Velvet Revolver; Guns N' Roses) is 48
~~Guitarist Martin Gore (of Depeche Mode) is 52.
~~Musician, Roger Lahr (Ugly Kid Joe) is 48
~~Drummer, Steve Jocz (Sum 41) is 32
~~Drummer,  Chad Gracey (Live; and The Gracious Few) is 42
~~Singer Michelle Williams (Destiny's Child) is 33.

Childhood Toys Getting Lots Of Money On Ebay

1. The Original Gameboy: $839

2. Polly Pocket: $230
3. The Fisher-Price Castle: $260
4. An Original Cabbage Patch Kid: $1250
5. Transforming Power Rangers: $1100
6. Furbies: $500
7. Princess of Power Action Figures: $750
8. Hit-Clips: $75
9. Game Gear: $250
10. A First-Generation Charizard Pokemon Card: $650
11. The Original Bop It: $80
12. Tamagotchis: $590
13. Street Sharks: $140
14. Digimon: $340
15. Lite Brite: $100
16. G.I. Joe Action Figures: $3400
17. The K'Nex Roller Coaster Set: $1000
18. The Classic Super Soaker: $350
19. The Lego Pirate Ship: $425
20. Mighty Max: $100
21. Transformers Optimus Prime Action Figure: $2800
22. Sega Genesis: $1900
23. The Talkboy: $55
24. Hot Shot Basketball: $100
25. Tech Decks: $225
26. Crossfire: $100
27. EasyBake Ovens: $300
28. Rare Micro-Machines: $12000
29. Teddy Ruxpin: $350
30. He-Man Action Figures: $5300
31. Super Smash Brothers: $350
32. Pound Pup: $2000
33. And Beanie Babies: $1 a piece


10 Things To Never Say During A Fight

1. "I want a divorce" --In the heat of the moment, it's easy to say things you don't mean, but this statement can't be taken back easily-no matter how many times you apologize or swear you didn't mean it. Statements like "I'm done with this" or "I'm leaving" lead to insecurity. This should only be said if you're ready to sign the papers. So if it slips, apologize and explain that it will never happen again, but know it might be awhile before your partner fully trusts you. And it also may be time for you to do some soul-searching. If you truly blurted it out in a fit of rage, it could be helpful to work through your anger with a professional. But if you said it because it's on your mind, that's a much deeper issue.

2. "I'm not mad"--So why are you rolling your eyes, slamming doors, and grunting one-word responses to his questions? Because you don't want to be mad, which isn't quite the same thing as not being mad. Shutting down and trying to ignore emotions is a common reaction to conflict. If you find yourself tongue-tied, it's fine to take a break and talk when you've cooled down-even if it's just to let him know how confused you feel.

3. "You're just like your father"--Chances are, you're not saying this because they both make amazing pancakes-you're saying it to hurt him and you know it. But this is a low blow. First, by comparing him to his dad, you're expressing that you're no longer seeing him for him. Everyone wants to be seen as an individual. Second, he has tried hard to avoid whatever trait you're bringing up, which will put him on the defensive.

4. "You're such a jerk/coward/expletive of choice"--Name-calling triggers the same thing as him with someone else-you're telling him that you no longer see him as an individual. Not only that, but name-calling is a sign that your emotions are coloring the situation to the point where nothing constructive will happen. Fighting while you're in that state is like fighting while you're drunk, or on an hour of sleep-it won't make anything better. Instead, give yourself time to calm down by telling your man you'll be back in an hour. And come home when you say you will-if you don't, they'll be more mad.

5. "Look, now the baby is upset, too"--Once the crying starts, it looks like you've got the guilt card on lock-but experts warn it's dirty, even if it makes you seem like the winner. One person cannot have an argument. If the baby's crying, it's a sign both of you are getting upset. Call a truce, calm down the baby-and yourself-and then start talking through things. If your kids are older, don't claim you're not fighting if it's clear that you are. Instead, let them know you both lost your tempers, but that you still love each other, and you will work it out, because you always do in the end.

6. "You did the same thing last time"--Little disagreements become big ones when we bring them up over and over again. When you've forgiven someone for something, that means that you can't use it as ammunition in a current disagreement. If you find you're continually circling around the same tiny arguments, it could be a sign you should do something different. If he always forgets to wipe the counters, he's not doing it because he wants a fight-he may not see the mess you do. Take over counter duty and trade him a chore he won't skip.

7. "You're always late"—Getting upset because he got home half an hour past the time you were supposed to meet for dinner makes it even more likely it will happen the next time. Instead of accusing him-or making it sound like he'll never change-let him know why it's important that he be on time. Then, try to enjoy the evening. Later, you can work together to figure out how to avoid lateness being an issue in the future.

8. "Why are you mad?"-- He grunts one-word answers when you ask how his day was, and from the angry way he looks for a snack, it seems like he's ready to have a serious fight with the fridge. But the more you push, the more likely you'll find yourself in a fight that wasn't there to begin with. People lash out at those they're closest to, and sometimes their moods have nothing to do with our behavior. That's not to say you should just let him take out his bad mood on you-and if he's like this often, you need to have a serious talk about how he handles his anger. If he's in the occasional bad mood when he gets home from work, or after his team loses a big game, it's fine to give him space. If he seems fine a few hours later, drop the subject-once he's over it, there's no reason you should hang on.

9. "You need to talk to me right now"—If you're both in different spots and you feel like a fight is brewing, the best thing you can do is hold your thoughts-at least until you can talk face-to-face. For one, neither of you has a sense of what else is competing for the other's attention. Agreeing not to fight over email or text is best because then you can work out what you want to say when you get face-to-face.

10. "This is all your fault--Instead of placing the blame on him, figure out first what you can do to solve the problem, then explain how his behavior made you feel. Saying something like, "I felt like you weren't listening to me, and it was easier to go along with your idea, but I wish I'd spoken up," shows you accept your responsibility in the situation, and also builds a constructive conversation about how to avoid the issues in the future.


Grounds For Divorce?  Maybe?

A man threatened to leave his wife because she ate all the cream filling from the Oreo's and then put the cookies back in the box.

Her husband was obviously upset that she ate all the cream filling and wrote "I'm considering divorce" on a post-it note and left it on the pack of Oreo's.

She took a picture of the note and posted it on Reddit.

One poster suggested he get revenge by replacing the cream filling with toothpaste.

There's no word what happened to the couple, but we assume all is well.


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